Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Master Plan

[12-20 12:11] Twyst: i just thought of a craszy idea for SW:TOR
[12-20 12:12] Matt: go on
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: you could go in and whenever you meet people ask them if they know about revan or the exile
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: and have a guild that is like 'church of revan' or somesuch
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: and spread the truth in game
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: say that it has been a conspiracy
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: that powers that be dont want you to know the truth
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: but you have heard, and you know it is true
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: etc
[12-20 12:13] Matt: hahahaha that's awesome, you mean like, rallying against what BioWare and LucasArts have done?
[12-20 12:13] Twyst: yes
[12-20 12:13] Twyst: but do it all RP styles
[12-20 12:14] Twyst: like 'we are taught that revan went into deep space, and was never heard from, but it isnt true, the teachings are wrong'
[12-20 12:14] Matt: i kinda like it
[12-20 12:14] Twyst: me too.
[12-20 12:14] Matt: maybe force them to do something
[12-20 12:14] Twyst: 'brother/sister, have you heard the story of the exile? do you know of darth treya?'
[12-20 12:16] Matt: anything that brings revan and the exile to the forefront

Saturday, December 13, 2008


In concept, Playstation Home is fun.
In practice it is everything bad about MMOs and social networks that i have seen.

It is a forum for harassment and poor management.

1 - everything costs money. This implies that this is a device for sony to make money, and isnt really for the enjoyment of the fans. Clubs cost money, new shirts cost money etc. I know that investors LOVE the mircopayment system, but it is a huge turnoff for me.
2 - Poor implementation of chat filters. it doesnt seem like you can turn them off, they filter all occurances of 'bad words' (ie, when someone says 'hello' it appears as '****o'.
3 - you cant whisper people in game
4 - the harassment is rampant. In the 40 minutes that i played, i probably placed 10 complaints due to people directly harassing me. I contemplated making a male avatar so that they would leave me alone.
5 - the avatars live deep deep in uncanny valley. i feel like i should be given a shotgun to take care of them all, they look like zombies. Going for realism was a scary mistake.
6 - not controlled by sony, but the people there have no sense of personal space. You get crowded, and people spam you, and get in the way. In real life, do you walk up to someone and say the same thing over and over? ugh
7 - as pointed out by penny arcade , this is what happens when marketing makes a game. they have, like Tycho says, built scarcity into the game. You have to wait if you want to play a game, wait to bowl with your friends, wait to fly the little UFO out in the common area. WTF. Sony, the choices you made were BAD.
thumbs down i think.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


[11:00 AM] Twyst: oh man
[11:01 AM] Twyst: i just found out all about PSHome
[11:01 AM] Twyst: it is stupid!
[11:01 AM] Twyst: It made my voice go all high
[11:01 AM] the boy: what's that?
[11:02 AM] Twyst: that is the Playstation version of Miis/Xbox miis/secondlife
[11:04 AM] the boy: do you have to use it?
[11:05 AM] Twyst: i am not sure.
[11:05 AM] Twyst: BUt they have micro transactions to get clothing and furniture
[11:05 AM] Twyst: cuz you have an apartment
[11:06 AM] Twyst: brother and i have decided that our chars will wear nothing and live in (SEPARATE) shacks like scary hermits on the edge of the PS world
[11:07 AM] the boy: if you have to pay, i'm guessing that you will be living in shacks in the middle of the ps world, with the clothed weirdos all living on the edge
[11:07 AM] the boy: and besides, we both know that all sony has to do is implement the colour red and they'll get your money :P
[11:08 AM] Twyst: aww burn
[11:08 AM] Twyst: i assume i can use default clothing
[11:08 AM] Twyst: see, i will buy the little big planet ones, cuz i can wear them IN GAME
[11:08 AM] Twyst: i dont spend TIME in the MENU
[11:09 AM] Twyst: what the heeeeeell
[11:09 AM] the boy: i know what will make you buy them
[11:09 AM] the boy: if the default shirt is pink
[11:09 AM] the boy: you will spen $40 to change it to red
[11:09 AM] the boy: *spend
[11:10 AM] Twyst: hahahahahahahaah
[11:10 AM] Twyst: TRUE
[11:10 AM] Twyst: that would be funny
[11:11 AM] Twyst: if it asked 'what is your fav colour? what colour do you hate most?'
[11:11 AM] Twyst: and owned you

Thursday, December 04, 2008

An issue of confidence.

I dont really make long posts. I do rant to my friends. For those that dont get the whole 'Canadian Government' thing, this is how i understand it:

[12:05 PM] American Friend: suspended parliament? huh?
[12:05 PM] Twyst: UGH
[12:05 PM] Twyst: So we have a minority government, the conservatives are in power
[12:06 PM] Twyst: however every issue in the house is coming up as a confidence issue, an issue that could topple Parliament and call a new election
[12:06 PM] Twyst: this last election was called cuz Harper (the Conservative PM) , thought that he would win a majority
[12:06 PM] Twyst: he didnt
[12:06 PM] Twyst: and the most recent budget came out with no support for the current economic crisis
[12:07 PM] Twyst: So the other 3 major parties said this is non-confidence, we dont trust this dick
[12:07 PM] Twyst: he also tried to cut funding
[12:07 PM] Twyst: right now, for every vote that a party gets, they get a dollar, i think it is
[12:07 PM] Twyst: which is how most parties that are small stay afloat
[12:07 PM] Twyst: so he tried to cut that
[12:08 PM] American Friend: fuck
[12:08 PM] Twyst: So, the other parties saw thru this
[12:08 PM] Twyst: this was a bid to get rid of the competition
[12:08 PM] Twyst: because the conservatives get a lot a LOT of external funding
[12:09 PM] Twyst: they and the liberals would be the only ones who could afford to stay as parties
[12:09 PM] Twyst: and clearly, because the liberals didnt have enough to get a majority, they wouldn't be running the country for the foreseeable future
[12:09 PM] Twyst: and he could do whatever he wants
[12:10 PM] American Friend: what a monster
[12:10 PM] Twyst: and when i say he is a liar and a villian, i mean it. He was trying to get senators to cross the floor, and side with the conservatives to get more seats
[12:10 PM] Twyst: there was a dude who was literally on his death bed
[12:10 PM] Twyst: dying of cancer
[12:11 PM] Twyst: he admitted, in court that, he tried to buy this guy by saying that he would pay his medical bills and insurance for his family
[12:12 PM] Twyst: SO, the other parties, the NDP, the Liberals and the Bloc (Quebec Separatists) formed a coalition, a party that would share leadership, to oust the PM and jointly rule
[12:12 PM] Twyst: which is fucking amazing
[12:12 PM] Twyst: but of course, Harper is on TV saying the Liberal leader is trying to steal power and that it isnt legal
[12:12 PM] Twyst: which is an out and out lie
[12:12 PM] American Friend: he sounds insane
[12:12 PM] Twyst: But before anything can happen, the Governor General had to approve
[12:12 PM] Twyst: she is the Queen's Representative in Canada
[12:13 PM] Twyst: she is the actual head of the government
[12:13 PM] Twyst: and she listened to Harper, she has suspended Parliament, so now, nothing will happen for over a month, and during that time, Harper is going to try and gain supporters
[12:22 PM] Twyst: Ok, correction: They submitted what amounts to a min-budget that didnt address the economic issues at all. Which lost him favour with the public.
[12:22 PM] American Friend: okay
[12:25 PM] Twyst: So then they form the coalition, and Harper keeps calling the Bloc 'separatists'. Which WAS true, but they found out that it wasnt economically viable to separate.
[12:25 PM] Twyst: They represent Quebec's interests, and the protection of the culture.
[12:26 PM] Twyst: and he forgot to mention that he almost aligned with the Bloc to get powers.
[12:26 PM] Twyst: The issue is that he is misrepresenting what a coalition is, its legality and his interests. Parliament isnt in trouble, his leadership is.
[12:26 PM] Twyst: But now he has the opportunity to gain ground with the suspension until Jan.

*tag team in my History degree toting brother (who also has a post on his blog)*
[12:27 PM] Matt: the other thing that i feel deserves mentioning is that he is basically saying a coalition government is wrong and a non-confidence vote is wrong and undemocratic
[12:27 PM] Matt: even though about 3 years ago TO THE DAY
[12:28 PM] Matt: he did/tried to do the SAME thing
[12:28 PM] Matt: that's how Martin went out

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Movie Meme!

Ok, Dan tagged Robert, who tagged me.

We tweet, you see, and it's lunch time, so i will bite.


Here’s how it works:

1. Pick one film to represent each letter of the alphabet.

2. The letter “A” and the word “The” do not count as the beginning of a film’s title, unless the film is simply titled A or The, and I don’t know of any films with those titles.

3. Return of the Jedi belongs under “R”, not “S” as in Star Wars Episode IV: Return of the Jedi. This rule applies to all films in the original Star Wars trilogy; all that followed start with “S”. Similarly, Raiders of the Lost Ark belongs under “R”, not “I” as in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Conversely, all films in the Lord of the Rings series belong under “L” and all films in theChronicles of Narnia series belong under “C”, as that’s what those filmmakers called their films from the start. In other words, movies are stuck with the titles their owners gave them at the time of their theatrical release. Use your better judgment to apply the above rule to any series/films not mentioned.

4. Films that start with a number are filed under the first letter of their number’s word. 12 Monkeys would be filed under “T.”

Here we go:

(I made this hard on myself by trying to list only movies I own, *'s, i dont own)

A. Armageddon (haha, Sephiros!)*

B. Boondock Saints

C. Chasing Amy

D. Dogma

E. Everything's Gone Green

F. Finding Nemo

G. Garden State

H. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

I. Iron Man

J. Just Friends

K. Kill Bill

L. Love Actually

M. Memento*

N. The Nightmare Before Christmas

O. Office Space

P. Pirates of the Carribean

Q. Queen of the Damned (shut up)

R. Disney's Robin Hood

S. Southland Tales

T. Toy Story

U. Underworld

V. Van Wilder*

W. Wall-E

X. X-Men

Y. You've Got Mail * (ugh, i could not think of another movie!)

Z. Zathura

I am gonna tag:

(you can reply in comments, or link to your blog, i am too lazy to find them :P)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
- Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

RIP Grandpa

Keith Olbermann can say it better than i can.

I hadnt seen Keith Olbermann until the recent election. Gravitas, he has it.

He is a pro at this, and he echos my sentiments on the matter.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Welcome to the party, EA.

"We’ve learned a lot about casual entertainment in the past two years, and found that casual gaming defies a single genre and demographic," EA said in a statement.

No shit. This is what gamers were telling all the business people that coined this phrase when started getting popular.
Thanks for getting up to speed, EA.

Friday, October 31, 2008

*Not* a 3$ costume

Jay takes the cake, his costume is that of our studio's Chakku!

What does a 3$ Batman costume look like?

Cape: 2$
Black Cardboard: 1$
Being HoboBatman: Priceless.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Pumpking King!

My friends Angela, Joe and Ted bought me a pumpkin a little while ago, so i could carve me up a jack-o-lantern. Tonight the boy and i brought Jack Skellington to life (in pumpkin form):

We also watched Nightmare Before Christmas in blu-ray, and i highly recommend it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We are on the 5th floor of an office building -- we are pretty high up in the sky - especially for this critter:

He ran along our whole office space, and then back again. How in the world did he get up here?
Godspeed little fellow/lady!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


First snow of the year, ugh! It's hard to see, but i assure you, it's happening.

More Super Hero Squad arrive!

Spidey is a little falling over, but they are here!

Friday, October 17, 2008

LittleBigPlanet delay.

If you know me, you know that i have been super excited for Little Big Planet.
Today it was announced that the game is going to be delayed by a week, and those shipped copies (at retailers) are to be recalled.
Am I dissapointed in this turn of events? Yes.
Am I even more dissapointed in the out-and-out hate mongering that is going on? Yes.

This is why gamers get a bad name. You can't read any of the news sites that speak of the delay without encountering disgusting, hate-filled comments.

This is a game people. A game.
And it is a game with little sackpeople in a happy world of stickers and flowers.

Get a grip.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Introducing, Scarlet!

I recently had a new addition to my family, my new netbook, Scarlet. She is a Lenovo IdeaPad S10, 10.2" screen, in red (red and white are available, more colours coming, apparently).

And an added pic of my work desk Spider-Woman collection.

Captain America's Girlfriends!

I googled this, and couldnt get an answer, Twitter is now on fire with this convo, so i am going to post it here:

Peggy Carter (WWII)
Sharon Carter
Wanda Maximoff
Bernadette Rosenbaum (fiancee)
Black Widow

Top 5, from Snark Free Waters

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Okay people, if this is not the KOTOR MMO (tho really, if it were KOTOR 3 i would be more excited), as per my tweet, i say that the burn LucasArts and BioWare to the ground, for being dicks.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Mark in the "I was right" column. (INFAMOUS)

[04:26 PM] Oracle: so remember how Sony was showing off INFAMOUS at E3?
[04:26 PM] * Twyst nods
[04:26 PM] Oracle: the one where you play a guy with magic powers in a post-apocalyptic world?
[04:26 PM] matt: yeah, that you may have caused
[04:26 PM] Oracle: and we were all "10 bucks says he's the guy that created the apocalypse"
[04:26 PM] Twyst: straight white bald guy
[04:26 PM] Twyst: yes
[04:26 PM] Twyst: i called it during the presentation
[04:26 PM] Oracle: there's a preview for the game on PS3 store
[04:26 PM] Oracle: and right in the text it says you caused the apocalypse
[04:27 PM] matt: yeah, i remember us talking about that, twyst
[04:27 PM] Twyst: I KNEW ITTTTTTTT
[04:27 PM] matt: WHAT A TWYST!
[04:27 PM] Twyst: wait
[04:27 PM] Twyst: so they blew the story?
[04:27 PM] * Oracle high fives Twyst for calling teh predictable
[04:27 PM] Twyst: la-hame.
[04:27 PM] Twyst: but
[04:27 PM] Twyst: why the reveal
[04:27 PM] Twyst: lame.
[04:27 PM] matt: maybe it's not the story, it's possible they explain it in the opening
[04:28 PM] Oracle: even so
[04:29 PM] Twyst: that's sad
[04:29 PM] Twyst: keep it a secret
[04:29 PM] Twyst: it's obvious, but still
[04:29 PM] Oracle: painfully obvious
[04:29 PM] Oracle: new trailer, doesn't reveal
[04:30 PM] matt: titanic is the biggest movie ever and we knew how that ended
[04:30 PM] Oracle: the new trailer does look better
[04:30 PM] Oracle: even if you are stuck playing motherfsckin eminem
[04:30 PM] Twyst: i hated that goddamn movie
[04:30 PM] Oracle: i didn't even bother
[04:30 PM] Oracle: i knew how it would end
[04:30 PM] matt: yes, but it was too bust raking in money to notice

If you are not Canadian, you wont get it.


Response from my non-Canadian friends:

[12:22 PM] American: weird

[12:20 PM] Transplanted American, now UKer (aka Sethy): haha weird

Maps - what is the deal?

I have been playing RockBand for a while now, and Maps is on there, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The lyrics in the game clearly switch up "They dont love you like I love you" with "They dont love me like i love you". You can hear this in the video, and you can read it in RB.

Howcome all the lyrics sites just repeat "They dont love me like i love you" over and over? LyricFail?

at 3:13

Friday, October 03, 2008


Congratulations, you've been selected to participate in the LittleBigPlanet beta!

No more sleeping until the 11th! (when the beta ends).
Then i will have 10 days to sleep, storing it up like a camel, until the 21st when the actual game comes out :)

Thank you playstation blog!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

"We demand full emancipation for The Force Unleashed's female characters! "

I cant take credit for the title, that came from the blog post i mention below.
You can catch brinstar over on her much more thoughtful and interesting blog.

[04:09 PM] twyst: >_>
[04:09 PM] twyst: Leia's dad?
[04:09 PM] twyst: Leia's DAD?
[04:09 PM] twyst: WTF
[04:09 PM] Brinstar: Eh?
[04:09 PM] twyst: haha, sorry, i got ahead of myself
[04:09 PM] Brinstar: Jimmy Smits?
[04:09 PM] twyst: i just tweeted at you
[04:09 PM] twyst: you can play as Leia's DAD in force unleashed with a code
[04:09 PM] twyst: but not Leia
[04:09 PM] twyst: nono, that would be dumb
[04:10 PM] Brinstar: WHUT. TEH. FUCKS.
[04:10 PM] twyst: no female character, but a shit tonne of other randoms
[04:10 PM] twyst: codes
[04:10 PM] twyst: Like come on
[04:10 PM] twyst: COME ON
[04:10 PM] Brinstar: :O
[04:10 PM] twyst: Leia's dad, how fucking obscure is that
[04:10 PM] twyst: when you are known as 's you should probably be able to play as before getting in their family tree
[04:11 PM] Brinstar: Yeah. We should be able to play as Leia.
[04:11 PM] twyst: Or even Juno, or SOMETHING
[04:11 PM] twyst: Unlocks Scout Trooper Costume
[04:12 PM] twyst: Snow Trooper.
[04:12 PM] twyst: you have to be kidding me
[04:12 PM] Brinstar: OMG
[04:12 PM] Brinstar: Some no-name instead of Leia?
[04:12 PM] twyst: LOTS of no names
[04:12 PM] twyst: Incinerator Trooper.
[04:12 PM] Brinstar: Geez
[04:12 PM] twyst: WTF IS THAT
[04:12 PM] twyst: lol
[04:14 PM] twyst: my exasperation just had a stack overflow
[04:14 PM] Brinstar: He he he\
[04:15 PM] Brinstar: I don't know exactly what that means, but I know it's nerdy technical analogy.
[04:15 PM] twyst: haha
[04:15 PM] twyst: yes
[04:15 PM] twyst: stuff went bad
[04:15 PM] twyst: memories broken
[04:15 PM] twyst: caused by running out of memory on the call stack.
[04:16 PM] Brinstar: I could complain to my friend who worked on SW: TFU but I dont think that was her call.
[04:16 PM] twyst: haha
[04:16 PM] twyst: probably not
[04:16 PM] Brinstar: She did AI programming.
[04:16 PM] twyst: i would like to know if it was ever going to happen, or if it is just a total blindspot
[04:16 PM] Brinstar: Yeah... O_o
[04:16 PM] twyst: cuz i do admit that i can understand technical limitations
[04:17 PM] twyst: if they throw some BS about rigging the model or something, i can maybe buy that
[04:17 PM] twyst: MAYBE
[04:17 PM] twyst: but there has been nothing
[04:17 PM] twyst: i made a comment on the playstation blog that they never asked, and i sent in an email
[04:18 PM] Brinstar: It does seem like a massive oversight
[04:19 PM] Brinstar: Damn I'm going to put these codes in
[04:19 PM] twyst: haha
[04:19 PM] twyst: srsly.
[04:26 PM] twyst: wtf, there was a discussion of it in the gamespot forums, but it has been locked
[04:26 PM] Brinstar: WTF
[04:26 PM] twyst: locked forum
[04:28 PM] twyst: and a blog about it here
[04:29 PM] twyst: hehe: "We demand full emancipation for The Force Unleashed's female characters! "
[04:29 PM] Brinstar: Heh
[04:30 PM] Brinstar: Yeah there was no reason at all the Secret Apprentice couldn't be a woman
[04:31 PM] twyst: nope, none.

on the subject of rainbows

On KOTOR and rainbow baseball

My brother, myself, and my friend Sethy were having a conversation about KOTOR, originally it stemmed from my brother asking if i had turned various KOTOR II characters into Jedi, i didnt know this was possible. I consulted Sethy to ask him about this, and it resulted in my pasting the conversation back and forth between the two of them, and then adding them to a chat:

[11:52 AM] Twyst: dude
[11:52 AM] Twyst: did you know you can turn like everyone in KOTOR II into jedi???
[11:53 AM] Sethy: yeah
[11:53 AM] Twyst: wtf i did not know this
[11:53 AM] Sethy: yeah
[11:53 AM] Sethy: the thing about kotor 2
[11:53 AM] Sethy: and why its one of my favourite games
[11:53 AM] Sethy: is you only really get the full picture of the story if you do everything
[11:54 AM] Sethy: get high enough influence with HK and he explains alot
[11:54 AM] Sethy: same with the small robot
[11:55 AM] Sethy: you also find out that the galactic crime lord that follows you in the sphere is actually just an accounting program (the one that kidnaps you and sens assassins after you on nar shadaar)
[11:55 AM] Sethy: but part of the reason everyone is so drawn to you is because they are jedi
[11:55 AM] Sethy: jedi that all turned away from the force
[11:55 AM] Sethy: for whatever reason, just like you did
[11:55 AM] Twyst: [11:55 AM] Brother: Yeah HK was Revan's robot and T3-M4has stuff from Bastila
[11:55 AM] Twyst: [11:55 AM] Brother: yeah, they are "the lost jedi"
[11:56 AM] Sethy: T3 turns out to be the instigator behind the entire plot
[11:56 AM] Twyst: cool!
[11:56 AM] Sethy: yeah
[11:56 AM] Sethy: he's the one that finds you and chooses you to save the galaxy
[11:56 AM] Sethy: its quite funny
[11:57 AM] Sethy: and part of the point of Kotor 2 is that kreiia is training you to be a different kind of jedi
[11:57 AM] Sethy: and that by changing you, she will change the ones that follow you
[11:57 AM] Sethy: you basicly are the focal point of the jedi that will follow
[11:57 AM] Twyst: [11:57 AM] Brother: The dialog they cut from Kreia is criminal though
[11:57 AM] Twyst: [11:57 AM] Brother: she TRAINED Revan
[11:58 AM] Twyst: [11:57 AM] Brother: and you never get to find out everything she knows
[11:58 AM] Sethy: they didn't fcut that out
[11:58 AM] *** Brother has joined the conversation
[11:58 AM] Twyst: this is easier
[11:58 AM] Sethy: haha
[11:58 AM] Sethy: they didn't cut that out!
[11:58 AM] Sethy: I played unmodded kotor 2 and she says she was his first and last master
[11:58 AM] Twyst: Sethy (gw friend from the UK, that i hung out with when i went to NY), Brother (bro, now interning at work)
[11:59 AM] Brother: yes, but she has a big long speech about how he was like staring into the heart of the force etc.
[11:59 AM] Sethy: nah thats in the original to
[11:59 AM] Sethy: you just need ALOT of influence to get it
[12:00 PM] Brother: you have to keep so many balls in the air in that game
[12:00 PM] Sethy: yeah
[12:00 PM] Sethy: one of the only problems with it
[12:01 PM] Sethy: and there isn't enough that is different to play through so many times
[12:01 PM] Brother: yeah, 4 playthrouhs pushes it
[12:01 PM] Brother: i did... 3 i think
[12:01 PM] Sethy: ive probably done 5 - twice with mods
[12:01 PM] Brother: but i'm hamstrung by the fact that i have a mental block about being a female character
[12:02 PM] Sethy: one that added cut dialogue and the android world they cut out
[12:02 PM] Brother: Yeah, I'm sure when the restortation project s done, I will play it again.
[12:02 PM] Twyst: hahaha you actually did play with those mods?
[12:02 PM] Sethy: and one with the stuff they cut out for the female master jedi you find dead
[12:02 PM] Twyst: bastard :)
[12:02 PM] Brother: ahhh, on Korriban?
[12:02 PM] Sethy: yeah, the android world is really worth playing
[12:02 PM] Sethy: yes
[12:02 PM] Twyst: i ordered a tiny laptop
[12:03 PM] Twyst: if it plays KOTOR i will play it all the time!
[12:03 PM] Sethy: :)
[12:03 PM] Twyst: i want to have it all added back at once
[12:03 PM] Sethy: I always play an evil chick
[12:03 PM] Twyst: cuz i am a pain
[12:03 PM] Sethy: when I play DS
[12:03 PM] Sethy: yeah you are
[12:03 PM] Brother: Lonna Vash
[12:03 PM] Sethy: yes!
[12:03 PM] Brother: was the name I was looking for
[12:03 PM] Sethy: though the android world mod adds her as well
[12:04 PM] Sethy: and it actually makes more sense
[12:04 PM] Sethy: its a great mod, really worth playing
[12:04 PM] Brother: The female story is way better becasue Sion falls in love with her
[12:04 PM] Brother: but I just struggled so mightily because I liked the Male Exile/Visas story line because it was like Luke and Mara Jade
[12:04 PM] Sethy: but on the down side they got stuck with disciple on the ship....
[12:05 PM] Sethy: man
[12:05 PM] Brother: yeah, and Atton and Mical start sniping at each other over and over
[12:05 PM] Sethy: that game has some of my favourite all time characters
[12:05 PM] Sethy: kreia, visas and atton
[12:05 PM] Brother: I liked Revan, I BADLY wanted him to make an appearance
[12:05 PM] Sethy: yeah
[12:05 PM] Sethy: the second game made revan a much more interesting character
[12:06 PM] Brother: Visas was awesome, but I found Atton to be too Han solo to really interest me
[12:06 PM] Sethy: he freaking tortured jedi!
[12:06 PM] Brother: there's a ctually a ton of back story to Revan and Malak that's not in either game, but is really worth reading
[12:06 PM] Sethy: hmm
[12:06 PM] Sethy: depends on whether it goes into the games
[12:07 PM] Sethy: I like my Revan more then i'd like theirs
[12:07 PM] Sethy: back story is fine
[12:07 PM] Brother: like how Malak lost his hair, how they convinced everoyne to leave the order to go to the mandalorian wars, how they chose thier names
[12:07 PM] Sethy: LOL
[12:07 PM] Sethy: how he went bald?
[12:07 PM] Sethy: is this some kind of epic saga on its own?
[12:07 PM] Twyst: hahahaha
[12:07 PM] Brother: he got tortured
[12:07 PM] Twyst: wtf
[12:07 PM] Twyst: My Revan was a girl
[12:08 PM] Twyst: sooooo :P
[12:08 PM] Brother: Malak was bald, not Revan
[12:08 PM] Twyst: i know
[12:08 PM] Sethy: canon is Revan is a dude - exile is a woman
[12:08 PM] Brother: yeah
[12:08 PM] Twyst: but you keep saying HE, and you said he was meant to be HE
[12:08 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:08 PM] Twyst: nuh uh
[12:08 PM] Twyst: not for meeeee :P
[12:08 PM] Brother: hahahaha that's fair
[12:08 PM] Sethy: as far as the universe goes
[12:08 PM] Twyst: Nuh uuuuuuuuuuh.
[12:08 PM] Sethy: yep yep
[12:08 PM] Twyst: MY universe, she was Ophelia.
[12:08 PM] Twyst: Noooo.
[12:08 PM] Sethy: thats why its not canon
[12:08 PM] Twyst: You're not canon
[12:09 PM] Sethy: exactly!
[12:09 PM] Twyst: LOL
[12:09 PM] Sethy: now you are getting it
[12:09 PM] Twyst: unexpected
[12:09 PM] Sethy: :)
[12:09 PM] Twyst: well played
[12:09 PM] Brother: the stories make more sense with Revan as a guy and exile as a girl
[12:09 PM] Twyst: Sethy, we have to make a promise
[12:09 PM] Twyst: we are going to play the KOTOR game
[12:09 PM] Twyst: even if it is the worst game ever
[12:09 PM] Twyst: the MMO
[12:09 PM] Sethy: really?
[12:09 PM] Twyst: i miss playing with yooou
[12:09 PM] Twyst: yes!
[12:09 PM] Sethy: yeah but
[12:09 PM] Sethy: monies
[12:09 PM] Twyst: NO
[12:09 PM] Twyst: NO BUTS
[12:09 PM] Sethy: I hate paying money
[12:09 PM] Brother: you know the MMO is gonna suck
[12:09 PM] Twyst: i know
[12:09 PM] Sethy: monthly
[12:09 PM] Brother: you all know....
[12:10 PM] Twyst: but we has to
[12:10 PM] Twyst: we cant talk this much about KOTOR and not
[12:10 PM] Twyst: just cannot
[12:10 PM] Sethy: I dunno
[12:10 PM] Twyst: >_>
[12:10 PM] Brother: they need to make MY star wars game
[12:10 PM] Brother: it would be better.
[12:10 PM] Sethy: its going to be like rainbow baseball
[12:10 PM] Sethy: oh hi
[12:10 PM] Sethy: your a jedi? im a jedi too!
[12:10 PM] Twyst: it's not gonna come out for a while
[12:10 PM] Twyst: 'rainbow baseball'?
[12:10 PM] Twyst: wtf is that?
[12:11 PM] Sethy: all the different coloured sticks
[12:11 PM] Twyst: LOLLLLLLLL
[12:11 PM] Twyst: im crying a little bit now
[12:11 PM] Sethy: I would take KOTOR 3 over a mmorpg
[12:11 PM] Sethy: or even KOTOR 3 with co-op
[12:11 PM] Sethy: or even better a nwn type thing
[12:12 PM] Sethy: where people make their own dungeons
[12:12 PM] Brother: my star wars game, my star wars game!!!
[12:12 PM] Twyst: i am posting that on my blog btw
[12:12 PM] Sethy: ?
[12:12 PM] Sethy: posting what?
[12:12 PM] Twyst: the rainbow baseball thing
[12:12 PM] Twyst: we're dying here, laughing at that
[12:12 PM] Brother: hahahahaha, we're both in tears and the office thinks we're insane
[12:12 PM] Sethy: haha
[12:13 PM] Sethy: but its true!
[12:13 PM] Twyst: it is!
[12:13 PM] Twyst: that is why it's so funny
[12:13 PM] Twyst: it might be cool to be like, a bounty hunter and stuff, the game MIGHT be good
[12:13 PM] Twyst: might.
[12:13 PM] Sethy: "what color is your light saber?"
"oh, mine is mauve."
[12:14 PM] Brother: not enough people will want to be bounty hunters
[12:14 PM] Brother: the sith jedi split will be good though, it'd probably be even
[12:14 PM] Sethy: are you suuuuuuuure?
[12:14 PM] Sethy: I have a feeling it would be 2/3 jedi at the least
[12:15 PM] Twyst: it might be. *holds her breath*
[12:15 PM] Brother: depends on how they do it, if it's open and doesn't lend itself to "light side more powerful but not as fast" or whatever and it's really all about how you build your character, i can see the split being even
[12:16 PM] Sethy: yeah
[12:16 PM] Sethy: I usually played grey
[12:16 PM] Sethy: with a hint of blue
[12:17 PM] Sethy: but yeah the problem for me with an MMO
[12:17 PM] Sethy: is part of the attaction of both games was the good writing
[12:17 PM] Sethy: of the npc's
[12:17 PM] Sethy: and in MMO's you are playing with real people - who have horrible writing
[12:17 PM] Brother: exactly
[12:18 PM] Brother: they need to make a kotor style game about the Jacen and Jaina Solo. It offers a great story and all the customization you could want


So, i dont get it.

Not sure why i want two cameras. Not sure why i would use it as my mp3 player, when the battery is gonna get owned and the volume isnt that good (and i can already do that with my homebrew ap). Really really do not (and will not) give my my GBA slot.
What's the deal?
Maybe i am missing something.


- People who crowd doors, get in your way so you cant get off the elevator/train, say 'SORRY' and then dont move. WHY BOTHER SAYING SORRY THEN, JACKASS?
- People who put their nose to the crack in the elevator door waiting for it to open and let them in, PLANNING not to allow people to get off
- People who say that if you dont like something you should ignore it. This is not how things get better. If we took this attitude there would still be slavery, murder, rape, etc. Come on.
- The acceptance and even pride in being sexist/racist/intollerant -- WTF IS WITH THIS?
- The use of demographics to support said intollerance. Self-fulfilling prophecy. (16-23 year old men WANT women to be objectified, therefore, it is okay!)
- No female character for the Force Unleashed DLC :(
- that 'blindness' movie. Wow. how offensive to blind people is that? OH NOES! END OF THE WORLD IF YOU CANT SEEEEEE.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crappy daaaay!

The weather is crap today. There were some flashes of lightening but i failed to catch them:

Out the office window. Nice traffic, i know.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LBP Costume Wishlist (wip)

Spider Woman (of course)
Splash Woman

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Self-Betrayal (or: How i read Ult Spider-Man, vol 20)

I read Ultimates 1. And i haaaaaated it. Loathed it. Detested aaaaaaall of it.
It was everything about comics that i dont like.

Now, anyone who knows me know that i do not like whiny whiny whiny Spider-Man. In the Marvel U, 98% have it worse off than Peter Parker. And really, i think his powers are lame. I am strong! I can stick to things! Big deal.

So if you put these two things together, my stomach rolls in dislike.
If you know me and my taste for comics, you also know:
1 - i love a particular set of heroines
2 - i am a sucker for Brian Bendis.

Currently i am caught up with all the things that i want to read, and i had heard thru the twitterverse that there was an Amazing Friends arc in Ultimate Spider-Man. Having been unable to get a Firestar fix elsewhere, i decided to hunt this down.
It wasnt hard. The local comic store had it.
And it was really fun (tho of course he had to spew the responsibility thing, but he was actually having fun, and not being a mopey boring whiner).
I was sad Firestar (now Liz, not Anjelica) wasnt in it and kicking butt, but now i might have to try and follow her. And sadly, i might have to track back into the clone saga and find out what the deal is with codename Jessica Drew.
I dug the art as well, which was a huge help.

But i still feel dirty.

Who was this masked man?!

[12:52 PM] Hush: Does Daredevil know Batman?
[12:52 PM] Twyst: LOL
[12:52 PM] Twyst: No
[12:52 PM] Twyst: different worlds
[12:52 PM] Twyst: Daredevil is Marvel, Batman is DC
[12:53 PM] Hush: Oh, maybe it was someone else then. Some guy on the bus yesterday was watching the Batman cartoon and there was a guy in a red suit hanging out with him and Robin.
[12:53 PM] Hush:
[12:53 PM] Hush: It was this man!
[12:56 PM] Twyst: haha
[12:56 PM] Twyst: yes
[12:56 PM] Twyst: the Flash is part of the DC world
[12:56 PM] Twyst: Batman and he are in the Justice League
[12:57 PM] Twyst: i am posting this convo on my blog
[12:57 PM] Hush: I seeee. Yeah, they were fighting a mirror guy.

[01:01 PM] Hush: Ah apparently he is one of the Flash's nemesisesae.
[01:04 PM] Hush: The episode is called A Mirror Darkly. Super sleuths solve the case againnn.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More WoW Fail

I dont have the energy to go at this at length, but WoW has announced that now you can move your PvE characters to PvP servers. This is garbage. They are totally negating any choices that anyone has made when playing the game since it started.
It's a blatant money-grab which has solidified my decision not to play. Re-cancelleing my account today.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

WoW Lich King Beta

So, i got into the beta.

My account was reactivated (blasphemy, i know) when the office peeps started playing, so i could make them bags and such with my kickass warlock. But i havent actually played in a long time. I used to raid every night, we were even in Black Temple... the guild got icky... time was too short, things were being poorly run, so i quit.
When i quit a game, it's like breaking up with a person. I dont want to see them again, i have no desire to call them up just to chat, i dont care what they are up to. This is how i feel about WoW. I would *almost* like to be interested, but i am not.
So i gave the trial to the boy. He will probably make an icky Alliance character, but at least he will play.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


check out

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I want to go/move to New Zealand and learn to surf.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Frustration, thy name is Vista

I have been forced to use Vista at work, because the Nintendo DS dev. kit wont run in Linux. I had to upgrade my previous XP installation to Vista last week.
Man. It is pretty much the most infuriating thing ever.

Who was their target market? I mean really. 7 year olds? 80 year olds? Pretty sure those are the only people that would find it useful to be locked out of functionality, and 'protected' from yourself.

Listen Microsoft. I have suffered through your bullshit for the past what? 20 years? Maybe 18/19 ys. XP was fine. I mean, it was a buggy piece of crap, but at least i could make it do what i wanted it to do.
Vista, i cannot.
It sorts everything in a stupid manner, that i cannot change. It opens default programs that i cannot change.
Everything is shiny and seethru and broken.
We are in the year two-thousand-and-eight. We are able to use our computers without being protected in a layer of bubblewrap so think you cant tell which way is up.

When you work all day on a computer it is like your home. You live on your desktop, it is how you do your work, communicate, breathe. Don't come into my house and tell me what i can and cannot do. Dont prevent me from walking down my own goddamn hallways.

Friday, August 08, 2008

On WoW

[12:50 PM] Twyst: ooh
[12:50 PM] Twyst: tabbard and pet for the olympics in wow
[12:50 PM] Twyst:
[12:53 PM] Nealla: i saw! was watching my bro do some arenas and people were saying in chat
[12:53 PM] Nealla: the tabard you get as soon as you win any bg
[12:53 PM] Nealla: !
[12:55 PM] Twyst: that is pretty cool.
[12:55 PM] Nealla: oh it says winning or losing doesn't matter actually!
[12:55 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:55 PM] Twyst: the pet is random if you win
[12:55 PM] Nealla: the pet would be nice but suuuper rare
[12:55 PM] Nealla: you just gotta keep winning bgs :/
[12:55 PM] Twyst: bleh
[12:56 PM] Nealla: so those people who grind honor are in luck
[12:56 PM] Twyst: i still dunno how i feel about wow anymore
[12:58 PM] Nealla: yeah i have a weird love/hate relationship w/ it
[12:58 PM] Nealla: i find myself wanting to get back in and playing so i do that sometimes w/ my brother's rogue
[12:58 PM] Nealla: but then i'm like, meh, it's nothing to write home about
[12:58 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:58 PM] Twyst: for me, for it to be worth it, i would have to be raiding
[12:58 PM] Twyst: and therefore i would have to spend too much time at it
[12:59 PM] Nealla: exactly
[12:59 PM] Nealla: for people to do anything really 'meaningful' in the game, they have to invest a huge amount of time into playing
[12:59 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:59 PM] Nealla: otherwise it's just dailies day in day out
[12:59 PM] Nealla: some instances here and there
[12:59 PM] Twyst: that is just how i am too, i dont want another character, i just want to play Amu
[01:00 PM] Twyst: Joe, here at work, has like 5 70s
[01:00 PM] Twyst: but they are all brand new 70s, he dings 70, then starts a new char
[01:00 PM] Twyst: cant do that
[01:00 PM] Twyst: *i
[01:00 PM] Nealla: it's like that w/ pvp too - more 'meaningful' play is arenas but most people end up doign bgs b/c they can't find a team or it gets boring cuz they keep dying b/c they lack the gear w/ resilience
[01:00 PM] Twyst: yeah.
[01:01 PM] Nealla: 5?!?!
[01:01 PM] Twyst: yeah.
[01:01 PM] Twyst: that isnt even an exaggeration
[01:01 PM] Nealla: maybe it'll be fun to level a death knight
[01:01 PM] Twyst: fuck death knights is what i say
[01:01 PM] Nealla: yeah i've come across a few people w/ a hell of a lot of 70s :/
[01:01 PM] Twyst: i dont want to try and negotiate with people to get a group
[01:01 PM] Twyst: cuz that is what is gonna happen "My main is a ____, i will do a run with you as DK, if you go thru with me as DK'
[01:02 PM] Twyst: cuz everyone and their dog will have one
[01:02 PM] Nealla: yeah, that's totally what it's like
[01:02 PM] Nealla: then you end up w/ people who don't know how to play their class
[01:02 PM] Twyst: yep
[01:02 PM] Twyst: especially with the recruitment idiocy
[01:02 PM] Twyst: 3x the xp? Fuck you, srsly.
[01:02 PM] Nealla: cough that hunter i forgot his name cough
[01:02 PM] Nealla: w/ his druid
[01:03 PM] Nealla: yea
[01:03 PM] Twyst: 'harass your non playing friends to play so you get a zebra'
[01:03 PM] Twyst: that is loooooooooooow blizzard.
[01:03 PM] Twyst:
[01:03 PM] Nealla: i know, i want a zebra :(
[01:03 PM] Nealla: !! ugh
[01:04 PM] Twyst: they are cool, but it is such a schemy thing to do
[01:04 PM] Twyst: and you can tell they want people to start new chars., cuz 3x the XP you dont want to waste on a 70
[01:04 PM] Twyst: i was just like UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH when i read the post
[01:04 PM] Nealla: yeah, totally a catering to their business needs rather than player ones
[01:04 PM] Twyst: yep
[01:05 PM] Twyst: You can tell that a) new subsribership is lower than they want
[01:05 PM] Twyst: b) population numbers are not what they want
[01:05 PM] Twyst: it's SO painfully transparent
[01:05 PM] Twyst: i find it pretty dispicable
[01:05 PM] Nealla: a GOOD business scheme would be to augment the environment and content to attract more players
[01:06 PM] Twyst: yes
[01:06 PM] Nealla: not have some sorta deal where you win if you get more players
[01:06 PM] Twyst: increase customization, increase variation in armor, and personalization
[01:06 PM] Nealla: it's like making their customers do the work for them
[01:06 PM] Twyst: yeah, it is.
[01:06 PM] Twyst: It's like a sweat shop
[01:06 PM] Twyst: have MORE characters, play for MORE hours a day
[01:07 PM] Nealla: exactly
[01:07 PM] Twyst: Oh, you arent playing?
[01:08 PM] Twyst: Well your friend that you tricked into joining the game has said instead of going out, you should run Scholo!
[01:08 PM] Twyst: Zebra > RL? that is your choice!
[01:08 PM] Twyst: uuuuuuuuugh.
[01:10 PM] Nealla: yeah it's a pretty dirty scheme, i'm sure tons of people will end up 'tricking' their friends just to get a zebra
[01:10 PM] Nealla: my brother's already convincing our cousin jeff who used to play to just make a new account
[01:10 PM] Nealla: cuz jeff plans to start playing again and has one 60
[01:11 PM] Nealla: but if he plans to reroll, then he could just make a new account and my brother can get a zebra, heh
[01:12 PM] Twyst: ah
[01:12 PM] Twyst: yeah
[01:12 PM] Twyst: sigh
[01:12 PM] Twyst: God forbid they make the game better
[01:12 PM] Twyst: Bosses that glitch? Too bad!
[01:12 PM] Twyst: Daily quests that glitch?
[01:13 PM] Twyst: Too bad!
[01:13 PM] Twyst: Here is your zebra for peer pressuring your friends that quit to play tho.
[01:13 PM] Twyst: enjoy the new character you just leveled in 1/3 the time and now will be the bane of WoW existence for the groups you join
[01:14 PM] Twyst:
[01:14 PM] Twyst:
[01:14 PM] Nealla: yeah! and i totally agree

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Monday, August 04, 2008

Listen here, self...

Note to self, be more better at blogging and sentence structure. Stop being so lazy! Agh!!

Looking at you, Bendis

I have to go to bed, i dont know why i feel like writing when i should be sleeping, but here goes.

Bendis better not kill off Jessica Drew. Seriously, i will be so sad.
I started watching Spider Woman when i was little, when she was a Spider Man ripoff, who had something approximating the same storyline, etc.
But i have come to love her.

I was playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance a few years ago, in which she is a character, and she was suddenly brought back into my mind. At about the same time Bendis wrote an origin story for her, to reboot the character, then adding her to the New Avengers.
I was elated. I really enjoyed the character, even better, rumour had it that there was going to be a series focused around her.
I waited and waited and it never came...
and then came the huge news, that Jessica Drew that i had grown to love in New Avengers was an impostor! The horror!

Recently Bendis commented that this was the reason why her solo book hadn't come out yet, because he didnt want readers reading the book, digging the character, and having it all be a lie (Like Ms Marvel??).
Then he announced that there will be a series called Spider Woman, Agent of S.W.O.R.D. for "whomever is wearing the Spider Woman costume". Now, i dont want to get all crazy-fangirl here, but if that person isnt Jessica, i will be crushed. Naturally i have come to like other characters in the series, Ms Marvel (skrull), Jessica Jones (probably a skrull), Medusa (<3)... i have also been trying to track down more Firestar books (loved her from the comics when i was a kid, found an origin book for her, have to do more searching for New Warriors books and Avengers v3 (thanks so much twitter peeps!)). But Spider Woman is my very favourite, and the reason i read comics. Pleeeeease dont let her die! D:

A side note, Lenil Yu's art for New Avengers/Secret Invasion has been amazing. If i had a genie that granted wishes, i would wish for this piece of art. It's amazing, and it makes me a little bit crazy that the piece hasnt been sold, but there is no way in the world i could ever buy it. Sigh!

Addicted to Twitter

It started cuz i saw some other people doing it, and it looked like fun. So i signed up, but didn't really see what the big deal was, forgetting about it for a while.

Then the San Diego Comic Con rolled around, and i wanted to know what was going on, from 'the man on the street', instead of watching feeds online or whatever.

That is when it's hooks got in me. I started following people, collecting them like Pokemon, checking what they had to say... for some reason interested in what they were having for dinner, or what their cats were doing.
Now, i am not totally in a vacuum. I know what i am doing. I can see myself doing it... and the 'floating head' me, the one that looks down in judgement shakes her head. But i cant stop. At first i said i would just do it at work, and just follow a few people, but then i had four days off, and on day two i had to install it... i couldn't help it! Now it's 2:22am and no one is tweeting, and i am dismayed... and wondering what they will say next.

I should go to bed.

Tweeting is too much fun... get the twitterfox addon, updates to your Firefox browser!

-- Twyst (yep, that is my twitter name too).

PS - yes, i am so lazy that i don't capitalize my i's. I took psych, don't tell me i have low self-worth, i am just really lazy. And sometimes i hit the caps lock button trying to hit the I, and that makes me mad. It is just better this way.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Bartle Test


EAKS players often live by the phrase 'The journey is often more enjoyable than the destination.' They are motivated by meeting the challenges of the world, but they are usually in no rush--because seeing the creatures and places of the world is even more fun.

Breakdown: Achiever 60.00%, Explorer 66.67%, Killer 46.67%, Socializer 33.33%

  • People with high Achiever scores tend to prefer collecting points, levels, treasure and accomplishments that set them apart from other players--or simply present challenges.
  • People with high Explorer scores tend to enjoy finding all of the unique areas of the world, often enjoying the immersion of the experience. Finding a place with unique monsters and seeing what those monsters do is usually more fun for an Explorer than defeating the monsters themselves.
  • People with high Killer scores prefer the player-versus-player aspect of any game more than anything offered by the environment. They often relish the adrenaline and challenge of pitting themselves against real players.
  • People with high Socializer scores enjoy interacting with other people, forming organizations, and finding cooperative solutions to the challenges within the virtual world.

Take the test!

Friday, May 09, 2008

a GTA convo

Obviously all my ideas and thoughts and feelings arent perfecltly clear in this post, my friend and i have an understanding about certain issues so i didnt need to elaborate, but i thought it was interesting enough to post -- m.

male friend: grand theft auto?
martian: everyone loves it, etc
martian: it has serious serious issues in it that no one cares about
martian: that just indicates that the world won’t change
male friend: how do you mean?
martian: the hate towards women
male friend: you think there is hatred towards women in the game?
martian: yes
male friend: I haven't played it yet soooo
male friend: why?
martian: /sigh
martian: so
martian: the internet cafe is called the 'TW@'
martian: there are only female prostitutes, you can fuck them, get a health bonus, and kill them, and get your money back
martian: essentially, this provides incentive to kill hookers, so that you don’t pay for a health bonus
male friend: yeah
martian: there are no female characters that have any depth, other than girlfriends, that you can also fuck and kill
martian: now let me make clear that I don’t agree with censorship
male friend: GTA usually doesn't have characters with depth
martian: Violence is fine
martian: sex is fine
martian: but as long as it is equal opportunity
male friend: yeah
male friend: still the thing about GTA
martian: and this is not
martian: there are characters that have stories etc
martian: but there are no females with a story
male friend: for me at least is while you CAN kill hookers
male friend: you don't have to
martian: that isn’t the point
male friend: where it becomes ridiculous is the incentive
male friend: so I agree with you about that
male friend: but also there aren't that many male prostitutes walking the streets
martian: and there are children walking the streets
martian: it is a manufactured world
martian: it is what Rockstar makes it
martian: it forces the player into a hetero role, in which you get a bonus for killing hookers
male friend: nothing wrong with kids walking the streets
male friend: but the gender thing...I prefer it when you have a choice, but sometimes you have to pick a gender for storytelling purposes
martian: I am just saying that if we are talking about representations of the real world
martian: this is not
martian: there are no children in GTA because killing children is wrong
male friend: no not at all
martian: therefore it is not the real world, and they are imposing their limits on the game
male friend: yeah
male friend: they are also going for a mostly male market
male friend: did you ever play gta3?
martian: yeah, it's fucking 2008, I don’t think that is okay anymore, and no one critiques that
martian: and no I didn’t, but I am aware that it had CJ in it
martian: and people got pissed
male friend: why?
martian: because they said they didn’t see themselves n a black man
male friend: well I had a problem with the last one, not because I was playing a black man, but because the black man was an idiot
male friend: you can be 'street' without being stupid
male friend: gay hookers walking the street would be pretty funny actually
martian: you know what is funny
martian: I bet they didn’t do it cuz they thought people would be upset if you killed gay people
martian: but killing women is fine
male friend: that I read that article and wanted to marry a hooker and retire to the south of Spain?
male friend: yeah
martian: he says later he is giving examples from movies
martian: which are considered art
male friend: see my problem with that is the "incentive" part
male friend: not that you can kill a hooker
male friend: because if that gives the person entertainment then that just says more about them
male friend: it’s not encouraging it
martian: my issue is with the restriction
martian: only women can be hookers
male friend: yeah
martian: only hookers give health bonus
male friend: yeah I agree that is dumb
martian: they are the only characters you get your money back from
male friend: yep agreed
male friend: all stupid
male friend: and not even really fun
martian: really, in the end, what I don’t get is how this is the best game ever
martian: I don’t begrudge anyone to make their idiotic game
martian: I don’t care what they do in the game
martian: my problem is that this game is like
martian: exalted for being great
martian: and if you bring up a critique, people roll their eyes
martian: people say 'it's the sum total of its parts' and are selectively blind about it
male friend: I hate fanboys of all ilks
male friend: I had criticisms of all the GTA games
male friend: they where fun
male friend: but that’s all they really are, mindless fun
martian: yeah
martian: I just feel sad about it
martian: I feel bad about the things that it puts forth
male friend: lol
male friend: a lot of women think we are in a post-feminist world
male friend: that the battles have already been one
male friend: I just role my eyes
martian: yeah, grats on being able to work and vote
martian: too bad you're still not equal
male friend: yeah
male friend: I was reading an article by a female Obama supporter a couple of months ago
male friend: and she was saying how women have won because they are performing better in schools and in the work place
male friend: and I’m like
male friend: like
martian: yep.
male friend: personally I think the problem is extremes
male friend: a lot of women aren't think the fight is over until they are personally set back
male friend: or some women get too extreme on the other side and start arguing that women should be spelt womyn and just argue over pointless things like that
martian: yeah, I agree
martian: it's just the other side of the coin
martian: but feminism isn’t anti-male
martian: it is just equality
male friend: yeah
martian: but not thru taking away from another party
male friend: yep
martian: people are scared of the word tho
male friend: you can be forceful and still pragmatic
martian: they think it means bad things
male friend: yeah
martian: which is sooo sad
male friend: well they associate feminists with feminazis as [girlfriend] calls them
martian: yeah

Monday, May 05, 2008

List of pissoffs.

1 - Why is there no harddrive on the Wii. I want DLC for Rockband. (Update: they have announced CDs to buy... i dont think this cuts it).
2 - Why cant i find a PS3 60g. I require backwards compatibility, for gods sake - and apparently SW backwards compatibility only saves 27$. (found one!)
3 - I thought i had more.
4 - WB saying that women in leading roles dont sell movies. Well really, Catwoman? Are we basing this on Catwoman? Because i cant see how anyone would sell that movie. How about not making crap movies?
(Add) 5 - metal thongs in games. For some reason, everywhere i look today, metal thongs. Prince of Persia, Soul Calibur ugh...!
6 - Games that do well, without trying (looking @ you, WoW). You have soo much money, the game could be so much better than it is, but it seems like doing somewhere near the minimum is enough. I mean really, recolouring the same armour doesnt make it new.
7 - SecuROM on Mass Effect (thanks EA, you assholes). (crossed off) (back on)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WinAmp Remote

Ok, i get it, the Winamp people worked rly hard on this ap., and the idea is great, 'Listen to your music anywhere, zomg!'. I get popups every day asking me to use it, log in, enjoy the wonderfulness that is winamp remote. So i cave. I log in, i create passwords and accounts and secret handshakes.
Then i try and make it work.
I hit help, and it sends me to forums. What is that about? Why isnt there something that says 'click here, then here, then here'? Then i try and log on at my remote machine, and it tells me i cant be signed in 2 places at once.

Wtf. Why so cryptic? Why do you harass me to sign up in 45 ingenious ways, but you dont tell me how to work you properly?

Updated: Alright, i finally got it working, and i have to say, Orb is awesome. When i got my PS3, on first run, it found Orb as a media server and streams many more video formats than the windows server (tho i use the windows server for images).
The tricky thing with it is that you have it running on the host machine, and then access your files from a webpage, which was the bit that tripped me up, i thought that i had to access it through winamp itself. Silly me.
It looks like you can get tv streams and such as well thru orb, but i havent configured that part yet. The newest version of WinAmp will install it for you.

Monday, April 14, 2008


So, my Guitar Hero III for PC still says 'COMING SOON!' in the downloadable content area of the online menu. However, it WAS able to download new ads to assault my eyes with.
Deciding to play, and check if there was any online content, i was greeted with ads for KOODO mobile, which is brand-spanking new, and must have been downloaded in order to appear.

Nice Aspyr. Real nice.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ew GNOME?!?! It's cuz i said i liked tech., wasnt it?

You Are A:

I Am A: True Neutral GnomeSorcerer (4th Level)

Ability Scores:







True Neutral A true neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. He doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most true neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil after all, he would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, he's not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way. Some true neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run. True neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion. However, true neutral can be a dangerous alignment because it represents apathy, indifference, and a lack of conviction.

Gnomes are in wide demand as alchemists, inventors, and technicians, though most prefer to remain among their own kind in simple comfort. Gnomes adore animals, gems, and jokes, especially pranks. They love to learn by personal experience, and are always trying new ways to build things. Gnomes stand 3 to 3.5 feet tall and live about 350 to 500 years.

Sorcerers are arcane spellcasters who manipulate magic energy with imagination and talent rather than studious discipline. They have no books, no mentors, no theories just raw power that they direct at will. Sorcerers know fewer spells than wizards do and acquire them more slowly, but they can cast individual spells more often and have no need to prepare their incantations ahead of time. Also unlike wizards, sorcerers cannot specialize in a school of magic. Since sorcerers gain their powers without undergoing the years of rigorous study that wizards go through, they have more time to learn fighting skills and are proficient with simple weapons. Charisma is very important for sorcerers; the higher their value in this ability, the higher the spell level they can cast.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)

Detailed Results:

Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18)
Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13)
Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16)
Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXX (8)
Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Chaotic Evil ---- XXX (3)

Law & Chaos:
Law ----- XXXXXXXX (8)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Chaos --- XXX (3)

Good & Evil:
Good ---- XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13)
Evil ---- (0)

Human ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13)
Dwarf ---- XXXXXX (6)
Elf ------ XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Gnome ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14)
Halfling - XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Half-Elf - XXXXXXXXX (9)
Half-Orc - (0)

Barbarian - (-2)
Bard ------ XX (2)
Cleric ---- (-8)
Druid ----- (-2)
Fighter --- (0)
Monk ------ (-21)
Paladin --- (-17)
Ranger ---- XX (2)
Rogue ----- (0)
Sorcerer -- XXXX (4)
Wizard ---- (0)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

[13:50] @work: the doomsday clock
[13:50] @work: maybe something like a butterfly effect thing
[13:50] @work: where the actions you take have repercussions that you cant immediately see
[13:50] @work: but they progress the clock none the less
[13:50] @work: or digress it