Thursday, December 04, 2008

An issue of confidence.

I dont really make long posts. I do rant to my friends. For those that dont get the whole 'Canadian Government' thing, this is how i understand it:

[12:05 PM] American Friend: suspended parliament? huh?
[12:05 PM] Twyst: UGH
[12:05 PM] Twyst: So we have a minority government, the conservatives are in power
[12:06 PM] Twyst: however every issue in the house is coming up as a confidence issue, an issue that could topple Parliament and call a new election
[12:06 PM] Twyst: this last election was called cuz Harper (the Conservative PM) , thought that he would win a majority
[12:06 PM] Twyst: he didnt
[12:06 PM] Twyst: and the most recent budget came out with no support for the current economic crisis
[12:07 PM] Twyst: So the other 3 major parties said this is non-confidence, we dont trust this dick
[12:07 PM] Twyst: he also tried to cut funding
[12:07 PM] Twyst: right now, for every vote that a party gets, they get a dollar, i think it is
[12:07 PM] Twyst: which is how most parties that are small stay afloat
[12:07 PM] Twyst: so he tried to cut that
[12:08 PM] American Friend: fuck
[12:08 PM] Twyst: So, the other parties saw thru this
[12:08 PM] Twyst: this was a bid to get rid of the competition
[12:08 PM] Twyst: because the conservatives get a lot a LOT of external funding
[12:09 PM] Twyst: they and the liberals would be the only ones who could afford to stay as parties
[12:09 PM] Twyst: and clearly, because the liberals didnt have enough to get a majority, they wouldn't be running the country for the foreseeable future
[12:09 PM] Twyst: and he could do whatever he wants
[12:10 PM] American Friend: what a monster
[12:10 PM] Twyst: and when i say he is a liar and a villian, i mean it. He was trying to get senators to cross the floor, and side with the conservatives to get more seats
[12:10 PM] Twyst: there was a dude who was literally on his death bed
[12:10 PM] Twyst: dying of cancer
[12:11 PM] Twyst: he admitted, in court that, he tried to buy this guy by saying that he would pay his medical bills and insurance for his family
[12:12 PM] Twyst: SO, the other parties, the NDP, the Liberals and the Bloc (Quebec Separatists) formed a coalition, a party that would share leadership, to oust the PM and jointly rule
[12:12 PM] Twyst: which is fucking amazing
[12:12 PM] Twyst: but of course, Harper is on TV saying the Liberal leader is trying to steal power and that it isnt legal
[12:12 PM] Twyst: which is an out and out lie
[12:12 PM] American Friend: he sounds insane
[12:12 PM] Twyst: But before anything can happen, the Governor General had to approve
[12:12 PM] Twyst: she is the Queen's Representative in Canada
[12:13 PM] Twyst: she is the actual head of the government
[12:13 PM] Twyst: and she listened to Harper, she has suspended Parliament, so now, nothing will happen for over a month, and during that time, Harper is going to try and gain supporters
[12:22 PM] Twyst: Ok, correction: They submitted what amounts to a min-budget that didnt address the economic issues at all. Which lost him favour with the public.
[12:22 PM] American Friend: okay
[12:25 PM] Twyst: So then they form the coalition, and Harper keeps calling the Bloc 'separatists'. Which WAS true, but they found out that it wasnt economically viable to separate.
[12:25 PM] Twyst: They represent Quebec's interests, and the protection of the culture.
[12:26 PM] Twyst: and he forgot to mention that he almost aligned with the Bloc to get powers.
[12:26 PM] Twyst: The issue is that he is misrepresenting what a coalition is, its legality and his interests. Parliament isnt in trouble, his leadership is.
[12:26 PM] Twyst: But now he has the opportunity to gain ground with the suspension until Jan.

*tag team in my History degree toting brother (who also has a post on his blog)*
[12:27 PM] Matt: the other thing that i feel deserves mentioning is that he is basically saying a coalition government is wrong and a non-confidence vote is wrong and undemocratic
[12:27 PM] Matt: even though about 3 years ago TO THE DAY
[12:28 PM] Matt: he did/tried to do the SAME thing
[12:28 PM] Matt: that's how Martin went out


rnp said...

It's actually $1.95 per vote. In an even more cynical move, he promised that money to the auto industry (of course that means the Big Three) -- a bunch of coddled jerks who disdain the buying public. Clearly a move to ingratiate himself with the UAW, who (in general) are stupid enough to fall for such transparent pandering

rnp said...

Oh yeah, one other thing he did in his proposed budget - he attempted to revoke public sector workers' right to strike. Bear in mind that Police/Fire/Emergency are already essential services and can't strike anyway. He tried to screw non-essential public sector workers out of their right to strike.

Fyreball said...

Here's an idea, why didn't we keep the billion or so dollars we GAVE the American government in taxes they illegally took from us and use that money?

Oh right, Harper gave it to his little spoon George Bush to help kill innocent people in the 3rd world.