Monday, May 05, 2008

List of pissoffs.

1 - Why is there no harddrive on the Wii. I want DLC for Rockband. (Update: they have announced CDs to buy... i dont think this cuts it).
2 - Why cant i find a PS3 60g. I require backwards compatibility, for gods sake - and apparently SW backwards compatibility only saves 27$. (found one!)
3 - I thought i had more.
4 - WB saying that women in leading roles dont sell movies. Well really, Catwoman? Are we basing this on Catwoman? Because i cant see how anyone would sell that movie. How about not making crap movies?
(Add) 5 - metal thongs in games. For some reason, everywhere i look today, metal thongs. Prince of Persia, Soul Calibur ugh...!
6 - Games that do well, without trying (looking @ you, WoW). You have soo much money, the game could be so much better than it is, but it seems like doing somewhere near the minimum is enough. I mean really, recolouring the same armour doesnt make it new.
7 - SecuROM on Mass Effect (thanks EA, you assholes). (crossed off) (back on)

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