Monday, August 04, 2008

Looking at you, Bendis

I have to go to bed, i dont know why i feel like writing when i should be sleeping, but here goes.

Bendis better not kill off Jessica Drew. Seriously, i will be so sad.
I started watching Spider Woman when i was little, when she was a Spider Man ripoff, who had something approximating the same storyline, etc.
But i have come to love her.

I was playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance a few years ago, in which she is a character, and she was suddenly brought back into my mind. At about the same time Bendis wrote an origin story for her, to reboot the character, then adding her to the New Avengers.
I was elated. I really enjoyed the character, even better, rumour had it that there was going to be a series focused around her.
I waited and waited and it never came...
and then came the huge news, that Jessica Drew that i had grown to love in New Avengers was an impostor! The horror!

Recently Bendis commented that this was the reason why her solo book hadn't come out yet, because he didnt want readers reading the book, digging the character, and having it all be a lie (Like Ms Marvel??).
Then he announced that there will be a series called Spider Woman, Agent of S.W.O.R.D. for "whomever is wearing the Spider Woman costume". Now, i dont want to get all crazy-fangirl here, but if that person isnt Jessica, i will be crushed. Naturally i have come to like other characters in the series, Ms Marvel (skrull), Jessica Jones (probably a skrull), Medusa (<3)... i have also been trying to track down more Firestar books (loved her from the comics when i was a kid, found an origin book for her, have to do more searching for New Warriors books and Avengers v3 (thanks so much twitter peeps!)). But Spider Woman is my very favourite, and the reason i read comics. Pleeeeease dont let her die! D:

A side note, Lenil Yu's art for New Avengers/Secret Invasion has been amazing. If i had a genie that granted wishes, i would wish for this piece of art. It's amazing, and it makes me a little bit crazy that the piece hasnt been sold, but there is no way in the world i could ever buy it. Sigh!

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