Wednesday, December 10, 2008


[11:00 AM] Twyst: oh man
[11:01 AM] Twyst: i just found out all about PSHome
[11:01 AM] Twyst: it is stupid!
[11:01 AM] Twyst: It made my voice go all high
[11:01 AM] the boy: what's that?
[11:02 AM] Twyst: that is the Playstation version of Miis/Xbox miis/secondlife
[11:04 AM] the boy: do you have to use it?
[11:05 AM] Twyst: i am not sure.
[11:05 AM] Twyst: BUt they have micro transactions to get clothing and furniture
[11:05 AM] Twyst: cuz you have an apartment
[11:06 AM] Twyst: brother and i have decided that our chars will wear nothing and live in (SEPARATE) shacks like scary hermits on the edge of the PS world
[11:07 AM] the boy: if you have to pay, i'm guessing that you will be living in shacks in the middle of the ps world, with the clothed weirdos all living on the edge
[11:07 AM] the boy: and besides, we both know that all sony has to do is implement the colour red and they'll get your money :P
[11:08 AM] Twyst: aww burn
[11:08 AM] Twyst: i assume i can use default clothing
[11:08 AM] Twyst: see, i will buy the little big planet ones, cuz i can wear them IN GAME
[11:08 AM] Twyst: i dont spend TIME in the MENU
[11:09 AM] Twyst: what the heeeeeell
[11:09 AM] the boy: i know what will make you buy them
[11:09 AM] the boy: if the default shirt is pink
[11:09 AM] the boy: you will spen $40 to change it to red
[11:09 AM] the boy: *spend
[11:10 AM] Twyst: hahahahahahahaah
[11:10 AM] Twyst: TRUE
[11:10 AM] Twyst: that would be funny
[11:11 AM] Twyst: if it asked 'what is your fav colour? what colour do you hate most?'
[11:11 AM] Twyst: and owned you

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