Thursday, October 02, 2008

"We demand full emancipation for The Force Unleashed's female characters! "

I cant take credit for the title, that came from the blog post i mention below.
You can catch brinstar over on her much more thoughtful and interesting blog.

[04:09 PM] twyst: >_>
[04:09 PM] twyst: Leia's dad?
[04:09 PM] twyst: Leia's DAD?
[04:09 PM] twyst: WTF
[04:09 PM] Brinstar: Eh?
[04:09 PM] twyst: haha, sorry, i got ahead of myself
[04:09 PM] Brinstar: Jimmy Smits?
[04:09 PM] twyst: i just tweeted at you
[04:09 PM] twyst: you can play as Leia's DAD in force unleashed with a code
[04:09 PM] twyst: but not Leia
[04:09 PM] twyst: nono, that would be dumb
[04:10 PM] Brinstar: WHUT. TEH. FUCKS.
[04:10 PM] twyst: no female character, but a shit tonne of other randoms
[04:10 PM] twyst: codes
[04:10 PM] twyst: Like come on
[04:10 PM] twyst: COME ON
[04:10 PM] Brinstar: :O
[04:10 PM] twyst: Leia's dad, how fucking obscure is that
[04:10 PM] twyst: when you are known as 's you should probably be able to play as before getting in their family tree
[04:11 PM] Brinstar: Yeah. We should be able to play as Leia.
[04:11 PM] twyst: Or even Juno, or SOMETHING
[04:11 PM] twyst: Unlocks Scout Trooper Costume
[04:12 PM] twyst: Snow Trooper.
[04:12 PM] twyst: you have to be kidding me
[04:12 PM] Brinstar: OMG
[04:12 PM] Brinstar: Some no-name instead of Leia?
[04:12 PM] twyst: LOTS of no names
[04:12 PM] twyst: Incinerator Trooper.
[04:12 PM] Brinstar: Geez
[04:12 PM] twyst: WTF IS THAT
[04:12 PM] twyst: lol
[04:14 PM] twyst: my exasperation just had a stack overflow
[04:14 PM] Brinstar: He he he\
[04:15 PM] Brinstar: I don't know exactly what that means, but I know it's nerdy technical analogy.
[04:15 PM] twyst: haha
[04:15 PM] twyst: yes
[04:15 PM] twyst: stuff went bad
[04:15 PM] twyst: memories broken
[04:15 PM] twyst: caused by running out of memory on the call stack.
[04:16 PM] Brinstar: I could complain to my friend who worked on SW: TFU but I dont think that was her call.
[04:16 PM] twyst: haha
[04:16 PM] twyst: probably not
[04:16 PM] Brinstar: She did AI programming.
[04:16 PM] twyst: i would like to know if it was ever going to happen, or if it is just a total blindspot
[04:16 PM] Brinstar: Yeah... O_o
[04:16 PM] twyst: cuz i do admit that i can understand technical limitations
[04:17 PM] twyst: if they throw some BS about rigging the model or something, i can maybe buy that
[04:17 PM] twyst: MAYBE
[04:17 PM] twyst: but there has been nothing
[04:17 PM] twyst: i made a comment on the playstation blog that they never asked, and i sent in an email
[04:18 PM] Brinstar: It does seem like a massive oversight
[04:19 PM] Brinstar: Damn I'm going to put these codes in
[04:19 PM] twyst: haha
[04:19 PM] twyst: srsly.
[04:26 PM] twyst: wtf, there was a discussion of it in the gamespot forums, but it has been locked
[04:26 PM] Brinstar: WTF
[04:26 PM] twyst: locked forum
[04:28 PM] twyst: and a blog about it here
[04:29 PM] twyst: hehe: "We demand full emancipation for The Force Unleashed's female characters! "
[04:29 PM] Brinstar: Heh
[04:30 PM] Brinstar: Yeah there was no reason at all the Secret Apprentice couldn't be a woman
[04:31 PM] twyst: nope, none.

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