Thursday, October 02, 2008

On KOTOR and rainbow baseball

My brother, myself, and my friend Sethy were having a conversation about KOTOR, originally it stemmed from my brother asking if i had turned various KOTOR II characters into Jedi, i didnt know this was possible. I consulted Sethy to ask him about this, and it resulted in my pasting the conversation back and forth between the two of them, and then adding them to a chat:

[11:52 AM] Twyst: dude
[11:52 AM] Twyst: did you know you can turn like everyone in KOTOR II into jedi???
[11:53 AM] Sethy: yeah
[11:53 AM] Twyst: wtf i did not know this
[11:53 AM] Sethy: yeah
[11:53 AM] Sethy: the thing about kotor 2
[11:53 AM] Sethy: and why its one of my favourite games
[11:53 AM] Sethy: is you only really get the full picture of the story if you do everything
[11:54 AM] Sethy: get high enough influence with HK and he explains alot
[11:54 AM] Sethy: same with the small robot
[11:55 AM] Sethy: you also find out that the galactic crime lord that follows you in the sphere is actually just an accounting program (the one that kidnaps you and sens assassins after you on nar shadaar)
[11:55 AM] Sethy: but part of the reason everyone is so drawn to you is because they are jedi
[11:55 AM] Sethy: jedi that all turned away from the force
[11:55 AM] Sethy: for whatever reason, just like you did
[11:55 AM] Twyst: [11:55 AM] Brother: Yeah HK was Revan's robot and T3-M4has stuff from Bastila
[11:55 AM] Twyst: [11:55 AM] Brother: yeah, they are "the lost jedi"
[11:56 AM] Sethy: T3 turns out to be the instigator behind the entire plot
[11:56 AM] Twyst: cool!
[11:56 AM] Sethy: yeah
[11:56 AM] Sethy: he's the one that finds you and chooses you to save the galaxy
[11:56 AM] Sethy: its quite funny
[11:57 AM] Sethy: and part of the point of Kotor 2 is that kreiia is training you to be a different kind of jedi
[11:57 AM] Sethy: and that by changing you, she will change the ones that follow you
[11:57 AM] Sethy: you basicly are the focal point of the jedi that will follow
[11:57 AM] Twyst: [11:57 AM] Brother: The dialog they cut from Kreia is criminal though
[11:57 AM] Twyst: [11:57 AM] Brother: she TRAINED Revan
[11:58 AM] Twyst: [11:57 AM] Brother: and you never get to find out everything she knows
[11:58 AM] Sethy: they didn't fcut that out
[11:58 AM] *** Brother has joined the conversation
[11:58 AM] Twyst: this is easier
[11:58 AM] Sethy: haha
[11:58 AM] Sethy: they didn't cut that out!
[11:58 AM] Sethy: I played unmodded kotor 2 and she says she was his first and last master
[11:58 AM] Twyst: Sethy (gw friend from the UK, that i hung out with when i went to NY), Brother (bro, now interning at work)
[11:59 AM] Brother: yes, but she has a big long speech about how he was like staring into the heart of the force etc.
[11:59 AM] Sethy: nah thats in the original to
[11:59 AM] Sethy: you just need ALOT of influence to get it
[12:00 PM] Brother: you have to keep so many balls in the air in that game
[12:00 PM] Sethy: yeah
[12:00 PM] Sethy: one of the only problems with it
[12:01 PM] Sethy: and there isn't enough that is different to play through so many times
[12:01 PM] Brother: yeah, 4 playthrouhs pushes it
[12:01 PM] Brother: i did... 3 i think
[12:01 PM] Sethy: ive probably done 5 - twice with mods
[12:01 PM] Brother: but i'm hamstrung by the fact that i have a mental block about being a female character
[12:02 PM] Sethy: one that added cut dialogue and the android world they cut out
[12:02 PM] Brother: Yeah, I'm sure when the restortation project s done, I will play it again.
[12:02 PM] Twyst: hahaha you actually did play with those mods?
[12:02 PM] Sethy: and one with the stuff they cut out for the female master jedi you find dead
[12:02 PM] Twyst: bastard :)
[12:02 PM] Brother: ahhh, on Korriban?
[12:02 PM] Sethy: yeah, the android world is really worth playing
[12:02 PM] Sethy: yes
[12:02 PM] Twyst: i ordered a tiny laptop
[12:03 PM] Twyst: if it plays KOTOR i will play it all the time!
[12:03 PM] Sethy: :)
[12:03 PM] Twyst: i want to have it all added back at once
[12:03 PM] Sethy: I always play an evil chick
[12:03 PM] Twyst: cuz i am a pain
[12:03 PM] Sethy: when I play DS
[12:03 PM] Sethy: yeah you are
[12:03 PM] Brother: Lonna Vash
[12:03 PM] Sethy: yes!
[12:03 PM] Brother: was the name I was looking for
[12:03 PM] Sethy: though the android world mod adds her as well
[12:04 PM] Sethy: and it actually makes more sense
[12:04 PM] Sethy: its a great mod, really worth playing
[12:04 PM] Brother: The female story is way better becasue Sion falls in love with her
[12:04 PM] Brother: but I just struggled so mightily because I liked the Male Exile/Visas story line because it was like Luke and Mara Jade
[12:04 PM] Sethy: but on the down side they got stuck with disciple on the ship....
[12:05 PM] Sethy: man
[12:05 PM] Brother: yeah, and Atton and Mical start sniping at each other over and over
[12:05 PM] Sethy: that game has some of my favourite all time characters
[12:05 PM] Sethy: kreia, visas and atton
[12:05 PM] Brother: I liked Revan, I BADLY wanted him to make an appearance
[12:05 PM] Sethy: yeah
[12:05 PM] Sethy: the second game made revan a much more interesting character
[12:06 PM] Brother: Visas was awesome, but I found Atton to be too Han solo to really interest me
[12:06 PM] Sethy: he freaking tortured jedi!
[12:06 PM] Brother: there's a ctually a ton of back story to Revan and Malak that's not in either game, but is really worth reading
[12:06 PM] Sethy: hmm
[12:06 PM] Sethy: depends on whether it goes into the games
[12:07 PM] Sethy: I like my Revan more then i'd like theirs
[12:07 PM] Sethy: back story is fine
[12:07 PM] Brother: like how Malak lost his hair, how they convinced everoyne to leave the order to go to the mandalorian wars, how they chose thier names
[12:07 PM] Sethy: LOL
[12:07 PM] Sethy: how he went bald?
[12:07 PM] Sethy: is this some kind of epic saga on its own?
[12:07 PM] Twyst: hahahaha
[12:07 PM] Brother: he got tortured
[12:07 PM] Twyst: wtf
[12:07 PM] Twyst: My Revan was a girl
[12:08 PM] Twyst: sooooo :P
[12:08 PM] Brother: Malak was bald, not Revan
[12:08 PM] Twyst: i know
[12:08 PM] Sethy: canon is Revan is a dude - exile is a woman
[12:08 PM] Brother: yeah
[12:08 PM] Twyst: but you keep saying HE, and you said he was meant to be HE
[12:08 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:08 PM] Twyst: nuh uh
[12:08 PM] Twyst: not for meeeee :P
[12:08 PM] Brother: hahahaha that's fair
[12:08 PM] Sethy: as far as the universe goes
[12:08 PM] Twyst: Nuh uuuuuuuuuuh.
[12:08 PM] Sethy: yep yep
[12:08 PM] Twyst: MY universe, she was Ophelia.
[12:08 PM] Twyst: Noooo.
[12:08 PM] Sethy: thats why its not canon
[12:08 PM] Twyst: You're not canon
[12:09 PM] Sethy: exactly!
[12:09 PM] Twyst: LOL
[12:09 PM] Sethy: now you are getting it
[12:09 PM] Twyst: unexpected
[12:09 PM] Sethy: :)
[12:09 PM] Twyst: well played
[12:09 PM] Brother: the stories make more sense with Revan as a guy and exile as a girl
[12:09 PM] Twyst: Sethy, we have to make a promise
[12:09 PM] Twyst: we are going to play the KOTOR game
[12:09 PM] Twyst: even if it is the worst game ever
[12:09 PM] Twyst: the MMO
[12:09 PM] Sethy: really?
[12:09 PM] Twyst: i miss playing with yooou
[12:09 PM] Twyst: yes!
[12:09 PM] Sethy: yeah but
[12:09 PM] Sethy: monies
[12:09 PM] Twyst: NO
[12:09 PM] Twyst: NO BUTS
[12:09 PM] Sethy: I hate paying money
[12:09 PM] Brother: you know the MMO is gonna suck
[12:09 PM] Twyst: i know
[12:09 PM] Sethy: monthly
[12:09 PM] Brother: you all know....
[12:10 PM] Twyst: but we has to
[12:10 PM] Twyst: we cant talk this much about KOTOR and not
[12:10 PM] Twyst: just cannot
[12:10 PM] Sethy: I dunno
[12:10 PM] Twyst: >_>
[12:10 PM] Brother: they need to make MY star wars game
[12:10 PM] Brother: it would be better.
[12:10 PM] Sethy: its going to be like rainbow baseball
[12:10 PM] Sethy: oh hi
[12:10 PM] Sethy: your a jedi? im a jedi too!
[12:10 PM] Twyst: it's not gonna come out for a while
[12:10 PM] Twyst: 'rainbow baseball'?
[12:10 PM] Twyst: wtf is that?
[12:11 PM] Sethy: all the different coloured sticks
[12:11 PM] Twyst: LOLLLLLLLL
[12:11 PM] Twyst: im crying a little bit now
[12:11 PM] Sethy: I would take KOTOR 3 over a mmorpg
[12:11 PM] Sethy: or even KOTOR 3 with co-op
[12:11 PM] Sethy: or even better a nwn type thing
[12:12 PM] Sethy: where people make their own dungeons
[12:12 PM] Brother: my star wars game, my star wars game!!!
[12:12 PM] Twyst: i am posting that on my blog btw
[12:12 PM] Sethy: ?
[12:12 PM] Sethy: posting what?
[12:12 PM] Twyst: the rainbow baseball thing
[12:12 PM] Twyst: we're dying here, laughing at that
[12:12 PM] Brother: hahahahaha, we're both in tears and the office thinks we're insane
[12:12 PM] Sethy: haha
[12:13 PM] Sethy: but its true!
[12:13 PM] Twyst: it is!
[12:13 PM] Twyst: that is why it's so funny
[12:13 PM] Twyst: it might be cool to be like, a bounty hunter and stuff, the game MIGHT be good
[12:13 PM] Twyst: might.
[12:13 PM] Sethy: "what color is your light saber?"
"oh, mine is mauve."
[12:14 PM] Brother: not enough people will want to be bounty hunters
[12:14 PM] Brother: the sith jedi split will be good though, it'd probably be even
[12:14 PM] Sethy: are you suuuuuuuure?
[12:14 PM] Sethy: I have a feeling it would be 2/3 jedi at the least
[12:15 PM] Twyst: it might be. *holds her breath*
[12:15 PM] Brother: depends on how they do it, if it's open and doesn't lend itself to "light side more powerful but not as fast" or whatever and it's really all about how you build your character, i can see the split being even
[12:16 PM] Sethy: yeah
[12:16 PM] Sethy: I usually played grey
[12:16 PM] Sethy: with a hint of blue
[12:17 PM] Sethy: but yeah the problem for me with an MMO
[12:17 PM] Sethy: is part of the attaction of both games was the good writing
[12:17 PM] Sethy: of the npc's
[12:17 PM] Sethy: and in MMO's you are playing with real people - who have horrible writing
[12:17 PM] Brother: exactly
[12:18 PM] Brother: they need to make a kotor style game about the Jacen and Jaina Solo. It offers a great story and all the customization you could want

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