Friday, August 08, 2008

On WoW

[12:50 PM] Twyst: ooh
[12:50 PM] Twyst: tabbard and pet for the olympics in wow
[12:50 PM] Twyst:
[12:53 PM] Nealla: i saw! was watching my bro do some arenas and people were saying in chat
[12:53 PM] Nealla: the tabard you get as soon as you win any bg
[12:53 PM] Nealla: !
[12:55 PM] Twyst: that is pretty cool.
[12:55 PM] Nealla: oh it says winning or losing doesn't matter actually!
[12:55 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:55 PM] Twyst: the pet is random if you win
[12:55 PM] Nealla: the pet would be nice but suuuper rare
[12:55 PM] Nealla: you just gotta keep winning bgs :/
[12:55 PM] Twyst: bleh
[12:56 PM] Nealla: so those people who grind honor are in luck
[12:56 PM] Twyst: i still dunno how i feel about wow anymore
[12:58 PM] Nealla: yeah i have a weird love/hate relationship w/ it
[12:58 PM] Nealla: i find myself wanting to get back in and playing so i do that sometimes w/ my brother's rogue
[12:58 PM] Nealla: but then i'm like, meh, it's nothing to write home about
[12:58 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:58 PM] Twyst: for me, for it to be worth it, i would have to be raiding
[12:58 PM] Twyst: and therefore i would have to spend too much time at it
[12:59 PM] Nealla: exactly
[12:59 PM] Nealla: for people to do anything really 'meaningful' in the game, they have to invest a huge amount of time into playing
[12:59 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:59 PM] Nealla: otherwise it's just dailies day in day out
[12:59 PM] Nealla: some instances here and there
[12:59 PM] Twyst: that is just how i am too, i dont want another character, i just want to play Amu
[01:00 PM] Twyst: Joe, here at work, has like 5 70s
[01:00 PM] Twyst: but they are all brand new 70s, he dings 70, then starts a new char
[01:00 PM] Twyst: cant do that
[01:00 PM] Twyst: *i
[01:00 PM] Nealla: it's like that w/ pvp too - more 'meaningful' play is arenas but most people end up doign bgs b/c they can't find a team or it gets boring cuz they keep dying b/c they lack the gear w/ resilience
[01:00 PM] Twyst: yeah.
[01:01 PM] Nealla: 5?!?!
[01:01 PM] Twyst: yeah.
[01:01 PM] Twyst: that isnt even an exaggeration
[01:01 PM] Nealla: maybe it'll be fun to level a death knight
[01:01 PM] Twyst: fuck death knights is what i say
[01:01 PM] Nealla: yeah i've come across a few people w/ a hell of a lot of 70s :/
[01:01 PM] Twyst: i dont want to try and negotiate with people to get a group
[01:01 PM] Twyst: cuz that is what is gonna happen "My main is a ____, i will do a run with you as DK, if you go thru with me as DK'
[01:02 PM] Twyst: cuz everyone and their dog will have one
[01:02 PM] Nealla: yeah, that's totally what it's like
[01:02 PM] Nealla: then you end up w/ people who don't know how to play their class
[01:02 PM] Twyst: yep
[01:02 PM] Twyst: especially with the recruitment idiocy
[01:02 PM] Twyst: 3x the xp? Fuck you, srsly.
[01:02 PM] Nealla: cough that hunter i forgot his name cough
[01:02 PM] Nealla: w/ his druid
[01:03 PM] Nealla: yea
[01:03 PM] Twyst: 'harass your non playing friends to play so you get a zebra'
[01:03 PM] Twyst: that is loooooooooooow blizzard.
[01:03 PM] Twyst:
[01:03 PM] Nealla: i know, i want a zebra :(
[01:03 PM] Nealla: !! ugh
[01:04 PM] Twyst: they are cool, but it is such a schemy thing to do
[01:04 PM] Twyst: and you can tell they want people to start new chars., cuz 3x the XP you dont want to waste on a 70
[01:04 PM] Twyst: i was just like UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH when i read the post
[01:04 PM] Nealla: yeah, totally a catering to their business needs rather than player ones
[01:04 PM] Twyst: yep
[01:05 PM] Twyst: You can tell that a) new subsribership is lower than they want
[01:05 PM] Twyst: b) population numbers are not what they want
[01:05 PM] Twyst: it's SO painfully transparent
[01:05 PM] Twyst: i find it pretty dispicable
[01:05 PM] Nealla: a GOOD business scheme would be to augment the environment and content to attract more players
[01:06 PM] Twyst: yes
[01:06 PM] Nealla: not have some sorta deal where you win if you get more players
[01:06 PM] Twyst: increase customization, increase variation in armor, and personalization
[01:06 PM] Nealla: it's like making their customers do the work for them
[01:06 PM] Twyst: yeah, it is.
[01:06 PM] Twyst: It's like a sweat shop
[01:06 PM] Twyst: have MORE characters, play for MORE hours a day
[01:07 PM] Nealla: exactly
[01:07 PM] Twyst: Oh, you arent playing?
[01:08 PM] Twyst: Well your friend that you tricked into joining the game has said instead of going out, you should run Scholo!
[01:08 PM] Twyst: Zebra > RL? that is your choice!
[01:08 PM] Twyst: uuuuuuuuugh.
[01:10 PM] Nealla: yeah it's a pretty dirty scheme, i'm sure tons of people will end up 'tricking' their friends just to get a zebra
[01:10 PM] Nealla: my brother's already convincing our cousin jeff who used to play to just make a new account
[01:10 PM] Nealla: cuz jeff plans to start playing again and has one 60
[01:11 PM] Nealla: but if he plans to reroll, then he could just make a new account and my brother can get a zebra, heh
[01:12 PM] Twyst: ah
[01:12 PM] Twyst: yeah
[01:12 PM] Twyst: sigh
[01:12 PM] Twyst: God forbid they make the game better
[01:12 PM] Twyst: Bosses that glitch? Too bad!
[01:12 PM] Twyst: Daily quests that glitch?
[01:13 PM] Twyst: Too bad!
[01:13 PM] Twyst: Here is your zebra for peer pressuring your friends that quit to play tho.
[01:13 PM] Twyst: enjoy the new character you just leveled in 1/3 the time and now will be the bane of WoW existence for the groups you join
[01:14 PM] Twyst:
[01:14 PM] Twyst:
[01:14 PM] Nealla: yeah! and i totally agree

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