Monday, October 06, 2008

Mark in the "I was right" column. (INFAMOUS)

[04:26 PM] Oracle: so remember how Sony was showing off INFAMOUS at E3?
[04:26 PM] * Twyst nods
[04:26 PM] Oracle: the one where you play a guy with magic powers in a post-apocalyptic world?
[04:26 PM] matt: yeah, that you may have caused
[04:26 PM] Oracle: and we were all "10 bucks says he's the guy that created the apocalypse"
[04:26 PM] Twyst: straight white bald guy
[04:26 PM] Twyst: yes
[04:26 PM] Twyst: i called it during the presentation
[04:26 PM] Oracle: there's a preview for the game on PS3 store
[04:26 PM] Oracle: and right in the text it says you caused the apocalypse
[04:27 PM] matt: yeah, i remember us talking about that, twyst
[04:27 PM] Twyst: I KNEW ITTTTTTTT
[04:27 PM] matt: WHAT A TWYST!
[04:27 PM] Twyst: wait
[04:27 PM] Twyst: so they blew the story?
[04:27 PM] * Oracle high fives Twyst for calling teh predictable
[04:27 PM] Twyst: la-hame.
[04:27 PM] Twyst: but
[04:27 PM] Twyst: why the reveal
[04:27 PM] Twyst: lame.
[04:27 PM] matt: maybe it's not the story, it's possible they explain it in the opening
[04:28 PM] Oracle: even so
[04:29 PM] Twyst: that's sad
[04:29 PM] Twyst: keep it a secret
[04:29 PM] Twyst: it's obvious, but still
[04:29 PM] Oracle: painfully obvious
[04:29 PM] Oracle: new trailer, doesn't reveal
[04:30 PM] matt: titanic is the biggest movie ever and we knew how that ended
[04:30 PM] Oracle: the new trailer does look better
[04:30 PM] Oracle: even if you are stuck playing motherfsckin eminem
[04:30 PM] Twyst: i hated that goddamn movie
[04:30 PM] Oracle: i didn't even bother
[04:30 PM] Oracle: i knew how it would end
[04:30 PM] matt: yes, but it was too bust raking in money to notice

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