Friday, May 09, 2008

a GTA convo

Obviously all my ideas and thoughts and feelings arent perfecltly clear in this post, my friend and i have an understanding about certain issues so i didnt need to elaborate, but i thought it was interesting enough to post -- m.

male friend: grand theft auto?
martian: everyone loves it, etc
martian: it has serious serious issues in it that no one cares about
martian: that just indicates that the world won’t change
male friend: how do you mean?
martian: the hate towards women
male friend: you think there is hatred towards women in the game?
martian: yes
male friend: I haven't played it yet soooo
male friend: why?
martian: /sigh
martian: so
martian: the internet cafe is called the 'TW@'
martian: there are only female prostitutes, you can fuck them, get a health bonus, and kill them, and get your money back
martian: essentially, this provides incentive to kill hookers, so that you don’t pay for a health bonus
male friend: yeah
martian: there are no female characters that have any depth, other than girlfriends, that you can also fuck and kill
martian: now let me make clear that I don’t agree with censorship
male friend: GTA usually doesn't have characters with depth
martian: Violence is fine
martian: sex is fine
martian: but as long as it is equal opportunity
male friend: yeah
male friend: still the thing about GTA
martian: and this is not
martian: there are characters that have stories etc
martian: but there are no females with a story
male friend: for me at least is while you CAN kill hookers
male friend: you don't have to
martian: that isn’t the point
male friend: where it becomes ridiculous is the incentive
male friend: so I agree with you about that
male friend: but also there aren't that many male prostitutes walking the streets
martian: and there are children walking the streets
martian: it is a manufactured world
martian: it is what Rockstar makes it
martian: it forces the player into a hetero role, in which you get a bonus for killing hookers
male friend: nothing wrong with kids walking the streets
male friend: but the gender thing...I prefer it when you have a choice, but sometimes you have to pick a gender for storytelling purposes
martian: I am just saying that if we are talking about representations of the real world
martian: this is not
martian: there are no children in GTA because killing children is wrong
male friend: no not at all
martian: therefore it is not the real world, and they are imposing their limits on the game
male friend: yeah
male friend: they are also going for a mostly male market
male friend: did you ever play gta3?
martian: yeah, it's fucking 2008, I don’t think that is okay anymore, and no one critiques that
martian: and no I didn’t, but I am aware that it had CJ in it
martian: and people got pissed
male friend: why?
martian: because they said they didn’t see themselves n a black man
male friend: well I had a problem with the last one, not because I was playing a black man, but because the black man was an idiot
male friend: you can be 'street' without being stupid
male friend: gay hookers walking the street would be pretty funny actually
martian: you know what is funny
martian: I bet they didn’t do it cuz they thought people would be upset if you killed gay people
martian: but killing women is fine
male friend: that I read that article and wanted to marry a hooker and retire to the south of Spain?
male friend: yeah
martian: he says later he is giving examples from movies
martian: which are considered art
male friend: see my problem with that is the "incentive" part
male friend: not that you can kill a hooker
male friend: because if that gives the person entertainment then that just says more about them
male friend: it’s not encouraging it
martian: my issue is with the restriction
martian: only women can be hookers
male friend: yeah
martian: only hookers give health bonus
male friend: yeah I agree that is dumb
martian: they are the only characters you get your money back from
male friend: yep agreed
male friend: all stupid
male friend: and not even really fun
martian: really, in the end, what I don’t get is how this is the best game ever
martian: I don’t begrudge anyone to make their idiotic game
martian: I don’t care what they do in the game
martian: my problem is that this game is like
martian: exalted for being great
martian: and if you bring up a critique, people roll their eyes
martian: people say 'it's the sum total of its parts' and are selectively blind about it
male friend: I hate fanboys of all ilks
male friend: I had criticisms of all the GTA games
male friend: they where fun
male friend: but that’s all they really are, mindless fun
martian: yeah
martian: I just feel sad about it
martian: I feel bad about the things that it puts forth
male friend: lol
male friend: a lot of women think we are in a post-feminist world
male friend: that the battles have already been one
male friend: I just role my eyes
martian: yeah, grats on being able to work and vote
martian: too bad you're still not equal
male friend: yeah
male friend: I was reading an article by a female Obama supporter a couple of months ago
male friend: and she was saying how women have won because they are performing better in schools and in the work place
male friend: and I’m like
male friend: like
martian: yep.
male friend: personally I think the problem is extremes
male friend: a lot of women aren't think the fight is over until they are personally set back
male friend: or some women get too extreme on the other side and start arguing that women should be spelt womyn and just argue over pointless things like that
martian: yeah, I agree
martian: it's just the other side of the coin
martian: but feminism isn’t anti-male
martian: it is just equality
male friend: yeah
martian: but not thru taking away from another party
male friend: yep
martian: people are scared of the word tho
male friend: you can be forceful and still pragmatic
martian: they think it means bad things
male friend: yeah
martian: which is sooo sad
male friend: well they associate feminists with feminazis as [girlfriend] calls them
martian: yeah

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