Tuesday, October 13, 2009

draft: Competence.

I have been thinking a lot lately about competence porn.

The term was first brought to my attention by a link to the blog of one of the writers of Leverage. (additional link to tv tropes, discussion regarding comics and competence from box in the box)

Arent we all tired of the fake drama? Knowing what the characters in the show dont know, and agonizing over whether or not they are going to tell one another?
This is so very overdone. So very tiresome.
All of the people i have talked to dont want to deal with it anymore.
We want to actually enjoy what we are watching, not have manufactured tension because the characters dont talk to one another.

@McKelvie stated on twitter that he really liked FlashForward because the characters actually tell eachother important information.
I really liked this too, it was such a relief to get down to what was actually happening, instead of suffering through "An American Tale" type situations.

(Do Not Want)

You know what i am talking about -- we all watched that little mouse miss his family by looking the other way, being just around a corner, my little six year old heart ached as i yelled at the tv FIEVEL! YOUR PARENTS ARE JUST OVER THERE!

This is not drama. This is not good storytelling. This is aggrivation. This is killing time.
I dont want to watch a show where characters are obtuse and cant put one and one together. I want to see people who are proficient at something BE proficient. Detectives should solves cases, superheroes should be super. Scientists should solve problems, etc. THAT is what i want.

(this post is a draft, i will clean it up later, but anyone that reads is welcome to comment)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

@Marvel Booth

@Marvel Booth

@Marvel Booth

@Marvel Booth

@Marvel 70th Ann. badge, f. Alpha Flight!

no one cares about you, Madden

zuda books before

zuda books, fwoosh!

Joe Q at the @Marvel booth

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Tools I Use for LiveBlogging.

So, FanExpo does not have free internet for con-goers. Because i have been doing the liveblogs for Marvel, i had to come up with a solution. That solution is below!

1 - HTC Dream on Rogers - Rogers (for now) allows tethering if you have a 1Gig data plan. I called an upgraded. I am assuming they are going to launch something new in December, which is when the tethering expires (according to their site).

Last year at FanExpo i used a Samsung M610 on Bell. For Bell, i had to use a special service they offered for tethering. (For those unfamiliar, tethering is to use your phone as a modem for your laptop, this uses your phone's dataplan, so you have to be careful, i paid through the nose using Bell). It was offered through Bell Business Solutions.

3 - USB cord that attaches your phone to your lappy. Mine looks like this:

4 - a laptop - Spider-Woman optional. My laptop is a Lenovo S10 netbook. It is small, lightweight and has a decent battery.

5 -PDANet - This is a program that you install on your computer, during the installation process it will install the program on your phone:

Booyah, you are done. You enable the connection through the phone, and the laptop, and you are on the interwebs.

NOTE: PDANet is a trail version for (apparently) 7 days. you DO NOT need your phone rooted.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

spidey + @wildisthewind + carl

@jimmccann + spidey

jim is so nice! <3

@acomicbookgirl + spidey!

@davidgallaher + spidey

david is super nice and funny! just like on twitter :)

spidey + riley brown

@cbcebulski, spidey, maple syrup + my finger

om nom nom.

chirashi from the outdoor mall thingie, gread food and company! (thanks Udon Crew!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


and wait

passport time!


spidey, timmy's and syrup

gift for @acomicbookgirl! she should dm @twyst with her info <3

spidey at the gate

our plane!

on the plane!

always wear your seatbelt.


toronto - chicago

the flight attendant told Spidey we will be catching the San Diego flight from Terminal 1.

good flight to O'Hare

Spidey had a fine time on his way to O'Hare

landing in O'Hare!

Spidey looks on as we land.

dave and spidey at O'Hare

dave is a vendor (I think), he was with a group of people that were also going to SDCC, so I followed them!

gate C27! to San Diego!


om nom nom. the man sitting beside us shared some candy!

om nom nom


sooo early. united isnt even here

see you l8r.

outta here, hobo stylez

no rain!

hey! taxi!



i'll miss you!

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