Monday, June 29, 2009

sound check!

Geetar, strung

stringing the geetar

@hush_lorentz strings the guitar

singer chills

Traivs chills

Thursday, June 25, 2009

half a giant rainbow!

in the wake of torrential rain, a rainbow!

the other half of a giant rainbow


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Asuka Strikes!

Asuka Strikes!

she arrives!

And, accuses!

she has a bunch of hands, so she can hold her doll and her gun, but the pointing finger is best.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Problem with the Girl's Guide to Comic-Con.

This is posted from my HTC Dream phone, running Android because my lappy is current fighting an epic battle with the internets.

If nothing in that sentence tipped you off, let me lay it out for you, I am a geek. My vacation this year? SDCCI.
You see, I am also Canadian, so this means that Comic-con isn't just a walk down the street, it is a taxi, 2 planes and another taxi away. In another country. I am incredibly excited. Not only for all-that-is Comic-Con itself, but the chance to meet internet friends, fellow geeks and make new friends.

When I see articles like the LA Times Girl's Guide I feel many things, none of them good.

It makes me sad. People actually BELIEVE this crap? SDCC is sold out. in order to go you would have to plan far in advance. Maybe you are going because of a friend or significant other, but that is quite the undertaking if this article was in any way helpful. Multiple days to something you don't want to go to? I mean, if you are there, you IN THE VERY LEAST know someone who is into the culture and can explain better than this article.
Maybe you are a geek boy looking to see what geek girls want to know ab out comic con. in that case, you are SOL with this article, cuz apparently girls are only there to see superhunks (note: article assumes all girls (really, not "women") are straight).

It makes me mad. The LA Times has the opportunity to present REAL interesting information that could be USEFUL to someone who, like me, has never been before. Hell, I have never been to California before. Tell me useful things!! This article was offensive to all and had info for none.
It was a waste of time and space, but sure has united geek girls against a common enemy.
Media, stop being ignorant.
Do some simple research. don't get hits because we HATE YOU SO BAD. It isn't that hard. Rub those tanned, botoxed, Arnold-loving, gay-rights denying braincells together and WRITE (see the assumptions I made about you there? cuz you are from California? -- kind like the ones you made about geek girls, geek boys, all attendees of SDCCI).

I guess it would have been more difficult to write an article that actually answers questions that women who are attending SDCC might have. Tips from past cons, times for certain events, what is going to be big, what rumors there are... this article could have been many things, but it was a fluffy, inconsequential piece of soft-news... which is a shame.
These stereotypes are dangerous. The perpetuation of them in the media is damaging. Many people can look at this and laugh, but these assumptions are the same reasons that big companies assume that women dont play games, that women dont read comics. After reading this article i felt frustrated, and a part of me didnt want to go to the con anymore. Even though there is no affiliation between the event itself and the paper, i felt unwelcome. I felt strange, i felt othered. Apparently there is no room for the woman that wants to see the creators of her favourite books, sneak a peek at new games, and see the spectacle. Apparently i will be hip deep in women searching to hook up with Brad Pitt instead. That isnt somewhere i want to be. If i believed what was being said in this article, i would assume that Jake Gyllenhall, Brad Pitt and the drunken vagabond looking dude from Twilight would be on pillars, and women would be DOING THEIR LAUNDRY. (WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, SRSLY, was that being FUNNY??? Cuz you know what? "Make me a sammich" isnt funny. Women do not wander around saying "I sooo want to do his laundry. I mean really. Just for that, fuck you LA Times).
This place that this paper describes is not the SDCC that i am going to.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After ~77hrs, Odin Sphere is done.

Monday, June 15, 2009


search ends in triumph!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


rainbow in burlington!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

gifts from san fan!

bf went to sf the past few days for worek, and he broght me back the katy perry designed h&m aids shirt and "the 1st issue!" of Power Girl! so cute. he was very pleased with himself, and so am I :)

Golden Dunny

my golden ticket dunny arrived yesterday, I opened him at the comics store so they could see him.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twitter Clients

I use a netbook 95% of the time, so screen realestate is in short supply. I have been looking for a twitter client that meets my needs, and so far, these are my experiences.

Twhirl - liked it, until it stopped working. Like the read/unread status. Like that it doesnt push tweets off the end of the screen. Dislike: lack of being able to follow a conversation back, to see what people were replying to. Dislike: Lack of groups
status: still installed, in case.

Twitterfox - liked it, but after starting to follow more people and following more people, became harder to use.
status: still installed for busy days

DestroyTwitter - loved it, until it started dropping tweets. LOVE being able to see what people are replying to. LOVE exclusion of terms. LOVE groups.
status: still installed, pending uninstallation

TweetDeck - too big for lappy. cant change font size, cant change size of tweet boxes.
status: immediately uninstalled

Seismic Desktop - too big. No need for the side panels that take up SO much room, no need for the boarders either, that do NOTHING.
status: immediately uninstalled with cry of triumph when it was gone.

Trillian Astra - good LORD no. hard to manage, hard to read, hard to configure.
status: immediately disabled

Gonna try twhirl again - hoping it doesnt stop working <3