Thursday, October 02, 2008


- People who crowd doors, get in your way so you cant get off the elevator/train, say 'SORRY' and then dont move. WHY BOTHER SAYING SORRY THEN, JACKASS?
- People who put their nose to the crack in the elevator door waiting for it to open and let them in, PLANNING not to allow people to get off
- People who say that if you dont like something you should ignore it. This is not how things get better. If we took this attitude there would still be slavery, murder, rape, etc. Come on.
- The acceptance and even pride in being sexist/racist/intollerant -- WTF IS WITH THIS?
- The use of demographics to support said intollerance. Self-fulfilling prophecy. (16-23 year old men WANT women to be objectified, therefore, it is okay!)
- No female character for the Force Unleashed DLC :(
- that 'blindness' movie. Wow. how offensive to blind people is that? OH NOES! END OF THE WORLD IF YOU CANT SEEEEEE.


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