Monday, August 04, 2008

Addicted to Twitter

It started cuz i saw some other people doing it, and it looked like fun. So i signed up, but didn't really see what the big deal was, forgetting about it for a while.

Then the San Diego Comic Con rolled around, and i wanted to know what was going on, from 'the man on the street', instead of watching feeds online or whatever.

That is when it's hooks got in me. I started following people, collecting them like Pokemon, checking what they had to say... for some reason interested in what they were having for dinner, or what their cats were doing.
Now, i am not totally in a vacuum. I know what i am doing. I can see myself doing it... and the 'floating head' me, the one that looks down in judgement shakes her head. But i cant stop. At first i said i would just do it at work, and just follow a few people, but then i had four days off, and on day two i had to install it... i couldn't help it! Now it's 2:22am and no one is tweeting, and i am dismayed... and wondering what they will say next.

I should go to bed.

Tweeting is too much fun... get the twitterfox addon, updates to your Firefox browser!

-- Twyst (yep, that is my twitter name too).

PS - yes, i am so lazy that i don't capitalize my i's. I took psych, don't tell me i have low self-worth, i am just really lazy. And sometimes i hit the caps lock button trying to hit the I, and that makes me mad. It is just better this way.

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