Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crappy daaaay!

The weather is crap today. There were some flashes of lightening but i failed to catch them:

Out the office window. Nice traffic, i know.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LBP Costume Wishlist (wip)

Spider Woman (of course)
Splash Woman

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Self-Betrayal (or: How i read Ult Spider-Man, vol 20)

I read Ultimates 1. And i haaaaaated it. Loathed it. Detested aaaaaaall of it.
It was everything about comics that i dont like.

Now, anyone who knows me know that i do not like whiny whiny whiny Spider-Man. In the Marvel U, 98% have it worse off than Peter Parker. And really, i think his powers are lame. I am strong! I can stick to things! Big deal.

So if you put these two things together, my stomach rolls in dislike.
If you know me and my taste for comics, you also know:
1 - i love a particular set of heroines
2 - i am a sucker for Brian Bendis.

Currently i am caught up with all the things that i want to read, and i had heard thru the twitterverse that there was an Amazing Friends arc in Ultimate Spider-Man. Having been unable to get a Firestar fix elsewhere, i decided to hunt this down.
It wasnt hard. The local comic store had it.
And it was really fun (tho of course he had to spew the responsibility thing, but he was actually having fun, and not being a mopey boring whiner).
I was sad Firestar (now Liz, not Anjelica) wasnt in it and kicking butt, but now i might have to try and follow her. And sadly, i might have to track back into the clone saga and find out what the deal is with codename Jessica Drew.
I dug the art as well, which was a huge help.

But i still feel dirty.

Who was this masked man?!

[12:52 PM] Hush: Does Daredevil know Batman?
[12:52 PM] Twyst: LOL
[12:52 PM] Twyst: No
[12:52 PM] Twyst: different worlds
[12:52 PM] Twyst: Daredevil is Marvel, Batman is DC
[12:53 PM] Hush: Oh, maybe it was someone else then. Some guy on the bus yesterday was watching the Batman cartoon and there was a guy in a red suit hanging out with him and Robin.
[12:53 PM] Hush: http://www.technovelgy.com/graphics/content06/flash.jpg
[12:53 PM] Hush: It was this man!
[12:56 PM] Twyst: haha
[12:56 PM] Twyst: yes
[12:56 PM] Twyst: the Flash is part of the DC world
[12:56 PM] Twyst: Batman and he are in the Justice League
[12:57 PM] Twyst: i am posting this convo on my blog
[12:57 PM] Hush: I seeee. Yeah, they were fighting a mirror guy.

[01:01 PM] Hush: Ah apparently he is one of the Flash's nemesisesae.
[01:04 PM] Hush: The episode is called A Mirror Darkly. Super sleuths solve the case againnn.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More WoW Fail

I dont have the energy to go at this at length, but WoW has announced that now you can move your PvE characters to PvP servers. This is garbage. They are totally negating any choices that anyone has made when playing the game since it started.
It's a blatant money-grab which has solidified my decision not to play. Re-cancelleing my account today.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

WoW Lich King Beta

So, i got into the beta.

My account was reactivated (blasphemy, i know) when the office peeps started playing, so i could make them bags and such with my kickass warlock. But i havent actually played in a long time. I used to raid every night, we were even in Black Temple... the guild got icky... time was too short, things were being poorly run, so i quit.
When i quit a game, it's like breaking up with a person. I dont want to see them again, i have no desire to call them up just to chat, i dont care what they are up to. This is how i feel about WoW. I would *almost* like to be interested, but i am not.
So i gave the trial to the boy. He will probably make an icky Alliance character, but at least he will play.