Thursday, August 28, 2008


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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I want to go/move to New Zealand and learn to surf.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Frustration, thy name is Vista

I have been forced to use Vista at work, because the Nintendo DS dev. kit wont run in Linux. I had to upgrade my previous XP installation to Vista last week.
Man. It is pretty much the most infuriating thing ever.

Who was their target market? I mean really. 7 year olds? 80 year olds? Pretty sure those are the only people that would find it useful to be locked out of functionality, and 'protected' from yourself.

Listen Microsoft. I have suffered through your bullshit for the past what? 20 years? Maybe 18/19 ys. XP was fine. I mean, it was a buggy piece of crap, but at least i could make it do what i wanted it to do.
Vista, i cannot.
It sorts everything in a stupid manner, that i cannot change. It opens default programs that i cannot change.
Everything is shiny and seethru and broken.
We are in the year two-thousand-and-eight. We are able to use our computers without being protected in a layer of bubblewrap so think you cant tell which way is up.

When you work all day on a computer it is like your home. You live on your desktop, it is how you do your work, communicate, breathe. Don't come into my house and tell me what i can and cannot do. Dont prevent me from walking down my own goddamn hallways.

Friday, August 08, 2008

On WoW

[12:50 PM] Twyst: ooh
[12:50 PM] Twyst: tabbard and pet for the olympics in wow
[12:50 PM] Twyst:
[12:53 PM] Nealla: i saw! was watching my bro do some arenas and people were saying in chat
[12:53 PM] Nealla: the tabard you get as soon as you win any bg
[12:53 PM] Nealla: !
[12:55 PM] Twyst: that is pretty cool.
[12:55 PM] Nealla: oh it says winning or losing doesn't matter actually!
[12:55 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:55 PM] Twyst: the pet is random if you win
[12:55 PM] Nealla: the pet would be nice but suuuper rare
[12:55 PM] Nealla: you just gotta keep winning bgs :/
[12:55 PM] Twyst: bleh
[12:56 PM] Nealla: so those people who grind honor are in luck
[12:56 PM] Twyst: i still dunno how i feel about wow anymore
[12:58 PM] Nealla: yeah i have a weird love/hate relationship w/ it
[12:58 PM] Nealla: i find myself wanting to get back in and playing so i do that sometimes w/ my brother's rogue
[12:58 PM] Nealla: but then i'm like, meh, it's nothing to write home about
[12:58 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:58 PM] Twyst: for me, for it to be worth it, i would have to be raiding
[12:58 PM] Twyst: and therefore i would have to spend too much time at it
[12:59 PM] Nealla: exactly
[12:59 PM] Nealla: for people to do anything really 'meaningful' in the game, they have to invest a huge amount of time into playing
[12:59 PM] Twyst: yeah
[12:59 PM] Nealla: otherwise it's just dailies day in day out
[12:59 PM] Nealla: some instances here and there
[12:59 PM] Twyst: that is just how i am too, i dont want another character, i just want to play Amu
[01:00 PM] Twyst: Joe, here at work, has like 5 70s
[01:00 PM] Twyst: but they are all brand new 70s, he dings 70, then starts a new char
[01:00 PM] Twyst: cant do that
[01:00 PM] Twyst: *i
[01:00 PM] Nealla: it's like that w/ pvp too - more 'meaningful' play is arenas but most people end up doign bgs b/c they can't find a team or it gets boring cuz they keep dying b/c they lack the gear w/ resilience
[01:00 PM] Twyst: yeah.
[01:01 PM] Nealla: 5?!?!
[01:01 PM] Twyst: yeah.
[01:01 PM] Twyst: that isnt even an exaggeration
[01:01 PM] Nealla: maybe it'll be fun to level a death knight
[01:01 PM] Twyst: fuck death knights is what i say
[01:01 PM] Nealla: yeah i've come across a few people w/ a hell of a lot of 70s :/
[01:01 PM] Twyst: i dont want to try and negotiate with people to get a group
[01:01 PM] Twyst: cuz that is what is gonna happen "My main is a ____, i will do a run with you as DK, if you go thru with me as DK'
[01:02 PM] Twyst: cuz everyone and their dog will have one
[01:02 PM] Nealla: yeah, that's totally what it's like
[01:02 PM] Nealla: then you end up w/ people who don't know how to play their class
[01:02 PM] Twyst: yep
[01:02 PM] Twyst: especially with the recruitment idiocy
[01:02 PM] Twyst: 3x the xp? Fuck you, srsly.
[01:02 PM] Nealla: cough that hunter i forgot his name cough
[01:02 PM] Nealla: w/ his druid
[01:03 PM] Nealla: yea
[01:03 PM] Twyst: 'harass your non playing friends to play so you get a zebra'
[01:03 PM] Twyst: that is loooooooooooow blizzard.
[01:03 PM] Twyst:
[01:03 PM] Nealla: i know, i want a zebra :(
[01:03 PM] Nealla: !! ugh
[01:04 PM] Twyst: they are cool, but it is such a schemy thing to do
[01:04 PM] Twyst: and you can tell they want people to start new chars., cuz 3x the XP you dont want to waste on a 70
[01:04 PM] Twyst: i was just like UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH when i read the post
[01:04 PM] Nealla: yeah, totally a catering to their business needs rather than player ones
[01:04 PM] Twyst: yep
[01:05 PM] Twyst: You can tell that a) new subsribership is lower than they want
[01:05 PM] Twyst: b) population numbers are not what they want
[01:05 PM] Twyst: it's SO painfully transparent
[01:05 PM] Twyst: i find it pretty dispicable
[01:05 PM] Nealla: a GOOD business scheme would be to augment the environment and content to attract more players
[01:06 PM] Twyst: yes
[01:06 PM] Nealla: not have some sorta deal where you win if you get more players
[01:06 PM] Twyst: increase customization, increase variation in armor, and personalization
[01:06 PM] Nealla: it's like making their customers do the work for them
[01:06 PM] Twyst: yeah, it is.
[01:06 PM] Twyst: It's like a sweat shop
[01:06 PM] Twyst: have MORE characters, play for MORE hours a day
[01:07 PM] Nealla: exactly
[01:07 PM] Twyst: Oh, you arent playing?
[01:08 PM] Twyst: Well your friend that you tricked into joining the game has said instead of going out, you should run Scholo!
[01:08 PM] Twyst: Zebra > RL? that is your choice!
[01:08 PM] Twyst: uuuuuuuuugh.
[01:10 PM] Nealla: yeah it's a pretty dirty scheme, i'm sure tons of people will end up 'tricking' their friends just to get a zebra
[01:10 PM] Nealla: my brother's already convincing our cousin jeff who used to play to just make a new account
[01:10 PM] Nealla: cuz jeff plans to start playing again and has one 60
[01:11 PM] Nealla: but if he plans to reroll, then he could just make a new account and my brother can get a zebra, heh
[01:12 PM] Twyst: ah
[01:12 PM] Twyst: yeah
[01:12 PM] Twyst: sigh
[01:12 PM] Twyst: God forbid they make the game better
[01:12 PM] Twyst: Bosses that glitch? Too bad!
[01:12 PM] Twyst: Daily quests that glitch?
[01:13 PM] Twyst: Too bad!
[01:13 PM] Twyst: Here is your zebra for peer pressuring your friends that quit to play tho.
[01:13 PM] Twyst: enjoy the new character you just leveled in 1/3 the time and now will be the bane of WoW existence for the groups you join
[01:14 PM] Twyst:
[01:14 PM] Twyst:
[01:14 PM] Nealla: yeah! and i totally agree

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Monday, August 04, 2008

Listen here, self...

Note to self, be more better at blogging and sentence structure. Stop being so lazy! Agh!!

Looking at you, Bendis

I have to go to bed, i dont know why i feel like writing when i should be sleeping, but here goes.

Bendis better not kill off Jessica Drew. Seriously, i will be so sad.
I started watching Spider Woman when i was little, when she was a Spider Man ripoff, who had something approximating the same storyline, etc.
But i have come to love her.

I was playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance a few years ago, in which she is a character, and she was suddenly brought back into my mind. At about the same time Bendis wrote an origin story for her, to reboot the character, then adding her to the New Avengers.
I was elated. I really enjoyed the character, even better, rumour had it that there was going to be a series focused around her.
I waited and waited and it never came...
and then came the huge news, that Jessica Drew that i had grown to love in New Avengers was an impostor! The horror!

Recently Bendis commented that this was the reason why her solo book hadn't come out yet, because he didnt want readers reading the book, digging the character, and having it all be a lie (Like Ms Marvel??).
Then he announced that there will be a series called Spider Woman, Agent of S.W.O.R.D. for "whomever is wearing the Spider Woman costume". Now, i dont want to get all crazy-fangirl here, but if that person isnt Jessica, i will be crushed. Naturally i have come to like other characters in the series, Ms Marvel (skrull), Jessica Jones (probably a skrull), Medusa (<3)... i have also been trying to track down more Firestar books (loved her from the comics when i was a kid, found an origin book for her, have to do more searching for New Warriors books and Avengers v3 (thanks so much twitter peeps!)). But Spider Woman is my very favourite, and the reason i read comics. Pleeeeease dont let her die! D:

A side note, Lenil Yu's art for New Avengers/Secret Invasion has been amazing. If i had a genie that granted wishes, i would wish for this piece of art. It's amazing, and it makes me a little bit crazy that the piece hasnt been sold, but there is no way in the world i could ever buy it. Sigh!

Addicted to Twitter

It started cuz i saw some other people doing it, and it looked like fun. So i signed up, but didn't really see what the big deal was, forgetting about it for a while.

Then the San Diego Comic Con rolled around, and i wanted to know what was going on, from 'the man on the street', instead of watching feeds online or whatever.

That is when it's hooks got in me. I started following people, collecting them like Pokemon, checking what they had to say... for some reason interested in what they were having for dinner, or what their cats were doing.
Now, i am not totally in a vacuum. I know what i am doing. I can see myself doing it... and the 'floating head' me, the one that looks down in judgement shakes her head. But i cant stop. At first i said i would just do it at work, and just follow a few people, but then i had four days off, and on day two i had to install it... i couldn't help it! Now it's 2:22am and no one is tweeting, and i am dismayed... and wondering what they will say next.

I should go to bed.

Tweeting is too much fun... get the twitterfox addon, updates to your Firefox browser!

-- Twyst (yep, that is my twitter name too).

PS - yes, i am so lazy that i don't capitalize my i's. I took psych, don't tell me i have low self-worth, i am just really lazy. And sometimes i hit the caps lock button trying to hit the I, and that makes me mad. It is just better this way.