Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WinAmp Remote

Ok, i get it, the Winamp people worked rly hard on this ap., and the idea is great, 'Listen to your music anywhere, zomg!'. I get popups every day asking me to use it, log in, enjoy the wonderfulness that is winamp remote. So i cave. I log in, i create passwords and accounts and secret handshakes.
Then i try and make it work.
I hit help, and it sends me to forums. What is that about? Why isnt there something that says 'click here, then here, then here'? Then i try and log on at my remote machine, and it tells me i cant be signed in 2 places at once.

Wtf. Why so cryptic? Why do you harass me to sign up in 45 ingenious ways, but you dont tell me how to work you properly?

Updated: Alright, i finally got it working, and i have to say, Orb is awesome. When i got my PS3, on first run, it found Orb as a media server and streams many more video formats than the windows server (tho i use the windows server for images).
The tricky thing with it is that you have it running on the host machine, and then access your files from a webpage, which was the bit that tripped me up, i thought that i had to access it through winamp itself. Silly me.
It looks like you can get tv streams and such as well thru orb, but i havent configured that part yet. The newest version of WinAmp will install it for you.

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