Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Master Plan

[12-20 12:11] Twyst: i just thought of a craszy idea for SW:TOR
[12-20 12:12] Matt: go on
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: you could go in and whenever you meet people ask them if they know about revan or the exile
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: and have a guild that is like 'church of revan' or somesuch
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: and spread the truth in game
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: say that it has been a conspiracy
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: that powers that be dont want you to know the truth
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: but you have heard, and you know it is true
[12-20 12:12] Twyst: etc
[12-20 12:13] Matt: hahahaha that's awesome, you mean like, rallying against what BioWare and LucasArts have done?
[12-20 12:13] Twyst: yes
[12-20 12:13] Twyst: but do it all RP styles
[12-20 12:14] Twyst: like 'we are taught that revan went into deep space, and was never heard from, but it isnt true, the teachings are wrong'
[12-20 12:14] Matt: i kinda like it
[12-20 12:14] Twyst: me too.
[12-20 12:14] Matt: maybe force them to do something
[12-20 12:14] Twyst: 'brother/sister, have you heard the story of the exile? do you know of darth treya?'
[12-20 12:16] Matt: anything that brings revan and the exile to the forefront

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