Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heroclix Trauma Centre


After:You can see a few of the cracks in Vertigo, but overall, i am pleased! :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

50 Things We Love About Games/Gaming

This was up on a forum i frequent, and i decided to cross post.

mine are all pretty specific. memories and such.

1. the opera scene from FFVI
2. Terra from FFVI
3. The hours played with my bro
4. learning to use a computer at age 7 to play mixed up mother goose/various racing games.
5. creating characters that looked like me
6. seeing characters in games that i wanted to be like
7. playing ultimate alliance and remembering my love for Spider Woman
8. finding out samus was a woman
9. kicking ass at mario kart
10. playing DOTA at work
11. giving up 'normal work' and taking the leap into games.
12. being fired 2x, a year apart, from 2 different gaming companies (but it turning out / will turn out for the best)
13. playing rockband with friends
14. having the shared experience of growing up a gamer to have found this site
15. finally getting a wii
16. looking for rare games in used stores
17. finding rare games in stores
18. beating KOTOR and being blown away
19. beating KOTOR II and being overwhelmed by what they tried to do, and saddened that it isnt recognized/is being retconned.
20. playing hours of Guild Wars and WoW
21. meeting my bf thru game job, sharing love for gaming with someone i'm with, who understands.
22. finally getting littlebigplanet
23. knowing that i made / make games that i believe in/am proud to be part of
24. when my sim that i created to mirror a real life friend, cheated on her 'husband' with another female friend of ours, without me controlling any of it.
25. not understanding what the hell sim earth was, leaving the system running for hours
27. my dad, who has been semi paralyzed for a number of years, buying himself a racing wheel because he is getting mobility back
28. my dad buying games and systems against my mom's wishes, making her mad, and us delighted.
29. finally getting the golden watering can in animal crossing
30. all the game merchandise, statuettes and such
31. beating 7th Guest
32. figuring out that i had to actually dip the letter in the star tropics box in water.
33. getting an unopened, unwatered version of star tropics, and a system to play it on from my brother.
34. Playing Beyond Good and Evil with the IRIS peeps. <3

that's all i got for now :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

If i am going to be staring at this bookcase, it better be pretty

My comics havent been fitting in my bookcase very well. I was piling them on top of other books, they were out of order, some had to be turned sideways.
I fixed that today. The brother has borrowed all my Powers, and all the stuff before Annihilation and the Annihilation/Conquest books that I have, so hopefully they fit when i get them back. But i am pleased with the result, i can finally see the spines of my Alias Omnibus etc. Next week's project will be to display my new obsession, HeroClix. I was going to put some out on the bookcase, but they didnt display satisfactorily enough.
It would be nice if i could get all my marvel stuff together, but i cant figure out how to do that. I have the Women of Marvel cards in a binder (thanks Jen! <3) And Firestar. And a bunch of Spider Woman stuff. Maybe one day i will have an office. Then it can all live in there!

Edit - i know some of it is out of order, Mystic Arcanna onward specifically. If you have suggestions as to continuity, please tell me! I am a stickler for it!