Friday, October 17, 2008

LittleBigPlanet delay.

If you know me, you know that i have been super excited for Little Big Planet.
Today it was announced that the game is going to be delayed by a week, and those shipped copies (at retailers) are to be recalled.
Am I dissapointed in this turn of events? Yes.
Am I even more dissapointed in the out-and-out hate mongering that is going on? Yes.

This is why gamers get a bad name. You can't read any of the news sites that speak of the delay without encountering disgusting, hate-filled comments.

This is a game people. A game.
And it is a game with little sackpeople in a happy world of stickers and flowers.

Get a grip.

1 comment:

rnp said...

[Gir] But I *NEED* it! [/Gir]

Seriously, though, you're totally right. It's a GAME. Nobody will die from a week long delay. Christ, if friggin' Blizzard gets a pass for taking ten years to not ship Starcraft:Ghost surely Media Molecule deserves the same courtesy over a week.