Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For @PaulTobin

I asked: do you have to like star wars to like KOTOR 1 and 2? i say no.

pkollar @Twyst Definitely not!
pkollar @Twyst (That's also what will likely put The Old Republic above Star Trek Online.)
fyreball13 @Twyst No, it just really helps, but since they happen before the movies, no knowledge is required either.
@Twyst @fyreball13
@PaulTobin and Kreia! Revan! Awesome story!
@Twyst @PaulTobin That is two games! We are trying to sell him on the first right now, save Kreia talk for later!
@Twyst I liked KOTOR 1 way more than I liked most of the films. But you DO have to like lightsabers.
kateri_t @Twyst Hell no, I can't really be doing with Star Wars, had to be dragged to KOTOR by word of mouth, but I love both games.
JKeverne @Twyst Nope. I'm not entirely sure @chrisavellone liked Star Wars going by some parts of KoTOR 2.
no_oneimportant @Twyst I liked KOTOR and I've never even SEEN Star Wars.

(as of 7:26pm)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wonder Woman

I wrote a thing about Wonder Woman over at hour42.