Saturday, December 13, 2008


In concept, Playstation Home is fun.
In practice it is everything bad about MMOs and social networks that i have seen.

It is a forum for harassment and poor management.

1 - everything costs money. This implies that this is a device for sony to make money, and isnt really for the enjoyment of the fans. Clubs cost money, new shirts cost money etc. I know that investors LOVE the mircopayment system, but it is a huge turnoff for me.
2 - Poor implementation of chat filters. it doesnt seem like you can turn them off, they filter all occurances of 'bad words' (ie, when someone says 'hello' it appears as '****o'.
3 - you cant whisper people in game
4 - the harassment is rampant. In the 40 minutes that i played, i probably placed 10 complaints due to people directly harassing me. I contemplated making a male avatar so that they would leave me alone.
5 - the avatars live deep deep in uncanny valley. i feel like i should be given a shotgun to take care of them all, they look like zombies. Going for realism was a scary mistake.
6 - not controlled by sony, but the people there have no sense of personal space. You get crowded, and people spam you, and get in the way. In real life, do you walk up to someone and say the same thing over and over? ugh
7 - as pointed out by penny arcade , this is what happens when marketing makes a game. they have, like Tycho says, built scarcity into the game. You have to wait if you want to play a game, wait to bowl with your friends, wait to fly the little UFO out in the common area. WTF. Sony, the choices you made were BAD.
thumbs down i think.

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rnp said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Home is an unmitigated disaster. I wonder if you can nuke it off your PS3?