Friday, February 20, 2009

Fallout 3 - annoyances.

Not everyone is going to come across these things. Not everyone will find them annoying.
But i do.
Playing as a woman has felt tacked on to me.
Little things i feel could have been done, but weren't.

Related to playing a female:
- all the clothing, when on the ground, etc., shows up as men's, but when it is put on, it is women's.
- most of the NPCs address me as if i were a man. One even saying 'his', but the audio does call me a 'bitch'.
- i have only had one unique dialogue option as 'Black Widow'.

In general:
I may play the game differently than most -- but i tend to run in 3rd person perspective, and only go into 1st person when i have low AP, and can't use VATS. This is because it is pretty hard to aim using 3rd person.
The game feels like everyone played it as FPS, and didnt look at many of the issues while playing 3rd. The crosshairs line up to your eyeline in 1st person, and maintain this same control in 3rd -- ie: swimming is very difficult if you dont pretend the crosshairs are your face - your character ends up under water a lot.

They're minor annoyances, to be sure, it just takes me out of the game a little. Having dude's clothes all over my home in Megaton, and feeling like not that much would have to be looked at in the dialogue to make me actually feel like a woman, i dont mind some characters calling me dude, but also 'man', 'buddy', 'pal'??. Dont get me wrong, i love the game. i bought Operation Anchorage, and i keep playing eventho my game crashes every 1.5h (i dont fault the game, having tested games on mobile phones i imagine is similar, they dont know my hardware config., etc).

Edit: this is so stereotypically girly, that i didnt include it when i first posted... i hate that the z/grab function is so imprecise. I just want to put stuff on shelves, and i end up knocking everything over, i wish i could place things in my house.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Annika pours the batter!

Om nom nom