Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who was this masked man?!

[12:52 PM] Hush: Does Daredevil know Batman?
[12:52 PM] Twyst: LOL
[12:52 PM] Twyst: No
[12:52 PM] Twyst: different worlds
[12:52 PM] Twyst: Daredevil is Marvel, Batman is DC
[12:53 PM] Hush: Oh, maybe it was someone else then. Some guy on the bus yesterday was watching the Batman cartoon and there was a guy in a red suit hanging out with him and Robin.
[12:53 PM] Hush:
[12:53 PM] Hush: It was this man!
[12:56 PM] Twyst: haha
[12:56 PM] Twyst: yes
[12:56 PM] Twyst: the Flash is part of the DC world
[12:56 PM] Twyst: Batman and he are in the Justice League
[12:57 PM] Twyst: i am posting this convo on my blog
[12:57 PM] Hush: I seeee. Yeah, they were fighting a mirror guy.

[01:01 PM] Hush: Ah apparently he is one of the Flash's nemesisesae.
[01:04 PM] Hush: The episode is called A Mirror Darkly. Super sleuths solve the case againnn.

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