Saturday, August 29, 2009

@Marvel Booth

@Marvel Booth

@Marvel Booth

@Marvel Booth

@Marvel 70th Ann. badge, f. Alpha Flight!

no one cares about you, Madden

zuda books before

zuda books, fwoosh!

Joe Q at the @Marvel booth

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Tools I Use for LiveBlogging.

So, FanExpo does not have free internet for con-goers. Because i have been doing the liveblogs for Marvel, i had to come up with a solution. That solution is below!

1 - HTC Dream on Rogers - Rogers (for now) allows tethering if you have a 1Gig data plan. I called an upgraded. I am assuming they are going to launch something new in December, which is when the tethering expires (according to their site).

Last year at FanExpo i used a Samsung M610 on Bell. For Bell, i had to use a special service they offered for tethering. (For those unfamiliar, tethering is to use your phone as a modem for your laptop, this uses your phone's dataplan, so you have to be careful, i paid through the nose using Bell). It was offered through Bell Business Solutions.

3 - USB cord that attaches your phone to your lappy. Mine looks like this:

4 - a laptop - Spider-Woman optional. My laptop is a Lenovo S10 netbook. It is small, lightweight and has a decent battery.

5 -PDANet - This is a program that you install on your computer, during the installation process it will install the program on your phone:

Booyah, you are done. You enable the connection through the phone, and the laptop, and you are on the interwebs.

NOTE: PDANet is a trail version for (apparently) 7 days. you DO NOT need your phone rooted.