Thursday, September 11, 2008

WoW Lich King Beta

So, i got into the beta.

My account was reactivated (blasphemy, i know) when the office peeps started playing, so i could make them bags and such with my kickass warlock. But i havent actually played in a long time. I used to raid every night, we were even in Black Temple... the guild got icky... time was too short, things were being poorly run, so i quit.
When i quit a game, it's like breaking up with a person. I dont want to see them again, i have no desire to call them up just to chat, i dont care what they are up to. This is how i feel about WoW. I would *almost* like to be interested, but i am not.
So i gave the trial to the boy. He will probably make an icky Alliance character, but at least he will play.

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