Friday, January 16, 2009

If i am going to be staring at this bookcase, it better be pretty

My comics havent been fitting in my bookcase very well. I was piling them on top of other books, they were out of order, some had to be turned sideways.
I fixed that today. The brother has borrowed all my Powers, and all the stuff before Annihilation and the Annihilation/Conquest books that I have, so hopefully they fit when i get them back. But i am pleased with the result, i can finally see the spines of my Alias Omnibus etc. Next week's project will be to display my new obsession, HeroClix. I was going to put some out on the bookcase, but they didnt display satisfactorily enough.
It would be nice if i could get all my marvel stuff together, but i cant figure out how to do that. I have the Women of Marvel cards in a binder (thanks Jen! <3) And Firestar. And a bunch of Spider Woman stuff. Maybe one day i will have an office. Then it can all live in there!

Edit - i know some of it is out of order, Mystic Arcanna onward specifically. If you have suggestions as to continuity, please tell me! I am a stickler for it!

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