Wednesday, July 22, 2009


and wait

passport time!


spidey, timmy's and syrup

gift for @acomicbookgirl! she should dm @twyst with her info <3

spidey at the gate

our plane!

on the plane!

always wear your seatbelt.


toronto - chicago

the flight attendant told Spidey we will be catching the San Diego flight from Terminal 1.

good flight to O'Hare

Spidey had a fine time on his way to O'Hare

landing in O'Hare!

Spidey looks on as we land.

dave and spidey at O'Hare

dave is a vendor (I think), he was with a group of people that were also going to SDCC, so I followed them!

gate C27! to San Diego!


om nom nom. the man sitting beside us shared some candy!

om nom nom


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