Saturday, July 04, 2009

Marvel Divas: Women in Comics Pt 3

I do not mean these posts to be an attack on Marvel Divas in any way. I just want to use this book as an example to express what i think are the issues that are problematic within the comic industry's attempt to market to women.

In the last post i touched on embarrassment. When i read a book, and a woman is depicted in such a way that i just cant get passed it:

I feel embarrassed. i feel like i KNOW Moonstone. I feel like she is a person. Maybe that is my problem, but art like this makes me want to cry for her. i accept that women in comics are ... busty. That is fine, to a point. But this is so far passed busty that is is upsetting.

And it doesnt make women feel welcome.

I in no way mean that this happens in Marvel Divas. It doesnt. From everything i have seen from the interior art, the first issue, Divas does not suffer from that.
Tho the first cover did. And really that was a terrible, terrible foot to lead off on. It's a very confusing message being sent here. No one knows who this book is for, and that is tricky.

Aaaand... i have run out of steam.

Art that makes women so unbelievable it makes the reader uncomfortable isnt welcoming to female readers.

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Daryl Kulak said...

This is reasonable. I wonder why Marvel doesn't pay more attention to things like this that potentially alienate part of their audience. I would guess that it is just "hey, let's do what we've always done, blah, blah, blah..."

Thanks for the post.